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Past Events

1) Superlife Affair

1st to 2nd July 2016 @ Hotel Jen Tanglin

Find Nature’s gift for all your needs. From healthy snacks, to artisanal sweets, coffee drips and pods, guilt-free chocolates, probiotic water kefir, freshly brewed beer, and wine inspired teas. You’ll even find unique eco-friendly creations such as chemical-free skin care solutions, 100% cotton garments, beautifully designed silk camisoles, and more, we have them all.

Crafted by Superlife Co. alongside 15 other local entrepreneurs who are passionate, takes risks, live life inspired for a healthier you

2) Superfriends Gathering

13th August 2016 @ Afterglow, 3pm to 5pm

We are extremely excited to have our first high tea session with our Superfriends, if not for them, we would not be where we are today. And to thank them for the support and love they’ve showered us with, we organised a cosy gathering filled with healthy and delicious superfood food – all made for a healthier you!

3) Superfoodies Gathering

10th September 2016 @ Afterglow, 3pm to 5pm

If anyone knows about the Singapore food scene, it will be our social media foodies who are always constantly updated on the newest, trendiest and yummiest food out there. They are the ones who help spread the word when they find a hidden gem, and we can’t wait to have them capture just how creative, fun and yummy a superlife can be while enjoying delectable superfood dishes specially crafted for them (instagram worthy of course).

We’re extremely excited to feast with all you foodies!

4) Super Mommies

22nd October 2016 @ Afterglow, 3pm to 5pm

Nothing beats a mother’s love and no chef can replace a mother’s cooking. And that’s why we encourage all mommies to start incorporating superfoods into their children’s diet. Everything starts from home, so at Superlife Co. we believe that a healthier Singapore starts from our Super mommies who not only advocate eating healthier but share with one another secrets to having a Super family.

A time of sharing, exploring new ideas while enjoying a wonderful superfood spread put together by afterglow, we can’t wait!

5) Gotham City in Chaos Halloween Party

28th October 2016 @ Hotel Jen Tanglin, 6pm to 10pm

Halloween is a time to be who you always wanted to be, to eat all the treats you can, and to party with the people you love. This year, Superlife Co. is treating all our loved ones to a Super Heroes x Super Villains Party. A night where you can be whoever you want, and eat all the yummy treats and feast without feeling guilty. Launching our newest guilt free treats just for you.

We salivate at the thought of it! And I’m sure you will too!

 6) Hello-Weaning

Superlife Co. will be selling Quinoa and Goji Berries, as well as Limited Edition Christmas Bundles at this Parenting Event organised by Blue Sky Impact.

What is Hello-Weaning?

A celebration for our babies who are transmitting into the tempting world of solid food!

Along with over 100 other families, it’s the perfect place for you to meet other parents and make some new friends as you bond over your trials and triumphs of parenthood!

Date: 26th November 2016
Time: 11am to 5pm
Attire: Come dressed in Black & Red to celebrate the horror of Messy Weaning Babies.

7) Christmas Fair (Expat Fair) @ Raffles Town Club

Superlife Co. will be participating in Expat Fair’s Annual Christmas Fair held at Raffles Town Club on the 6th and 7th of December 2016.

We’ll be selling our NEW Ready-to-Cook Flavoured Quinoa.

  • Japanese Quinoa
  • Mushroom Quinoa
  • Spicy Curry Quinoa

We’ll also be selling our Limited Edition Christmas Bundle!

Date: 6 & 7 December 2016
Time: 10am to 6pm
Venue: Raffles Town Club, 1 Plymouth Avenue, Singapore, 297753

Dashing through the humidity to get your christmas shopping done? Come to our Raffles Town Club Christmas Fair and enjoy gourmet food, wine and cheese while over 80 vendors present an unparalleled selection of beautiful and unique wares. Give Santa a hand and be sure to purchase some stunning Christmas gifts for family and friends to put under the tree. With over $4,500 lucky draw prizes you might even score yourself an early gift too!

Shoppers can enjoy Food and Beverage at the clubs 6 restaurants and parking onsite.