Popped Quinoa Chocolates

4pm Quinoa Cacao Subscription

Research shows that a lot of people suffer from a crash at 4pm daily and they snack at that time leading to an unhealthy habit and weight gain.Our 4pm quinoa cacao is a guilt-free healthy snack that keeps you energized, full and happy.We work with boutique distributors to source for fine cacao beans that have been handled with great care, skill and passion then we handmade our quinoa cacao from bean-to-chocolate in Singapore. By carefully handcrafting small batches, we are able to showcase the unique flavours and nuances of each batch of cacao that honours its origins and varietals.

With simple ingredients of only 70% cacao, 10% quinoa and 20%sugar, we are able to present the purest unadulterated flavours of the beans and bring out the acidity and premium taste as well as the crunchiness of the chocolate and quinoa while preserving all the health benefits of these two superfoods.

Develop a great snacking habit with our quinoa cacao subscription that aids in weight loss, boosts energy and keeps you really happy!

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