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Red Quinoa

Our red quinoa is natural, organic and gluten-free. Often mistaken as a grain due to its appearance, is actually a vegetable belonging to the same family as spinach. And the best part is, you cook it the same way you cook rice. And at Superlife Co. we only carry certified purest and highest quality quinoa implying that there is almost no residual, no bitter taste and does not even require rinsing or washing.

Quinoa is low in GI (sugar level) and is hence suitable for people who are looking for weight loss, an increase in metabolism rate and diabetes friendly diet. The chart below details the different common food and their GI level.



** There are no differences in terms of nutritional values among the quinoa but red quinoa is crunchier than white quinoa.

Quinoa helps to:

— Increase energy metabolism
— Curb Hunger
— Balance blood sugar
— Reduce Risk of Heart Disease
— Boost Energy
— Improve Memory
— Promote Weight Loss

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