White Quinoa
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White Quinoa

Our white quinoa is 100% natural, organic and gluten-free. Often mistaken as a grain due to its appearance, it is actually a vegetable belonging to the same family as spinach. The best part is you cook it the same way you cook rice. The quinoa at Superlife Co. does not require rinsing and has no bitter taste.

Quinoa is low in GI (sugar level) and is hence suitable for people who are looking for weight loss, an increase in metabolism rate and diabetes friendly diet. The chart below details the different common food and their GI level.


NOTE: 1 kg quinoa is packed in wholesale bag without labels

Quinoa helps to:

— Increase energy metabolism
— Curb Hunger
— Balance blood sugar
— Reduce Risk of Heart Disease
— Boost Energy
— Improve Memory
— Promote Weight Loss

White Quinoa is known as ‘The Mother Grain’ and it is the most popular variety. It is high in protein, vitamins, essential amino acids and fibre. It has 2 times more protein than rice, hence it curbs appetite by making you feel full for a longer time. It also contains 4 times more Riboflavin (Vitamin b2) than brown rice, which improves energy metabolism within the brain and muscle cells.

Cooked quinoa has a delicate and subtle nutty flavour with a crunch.

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