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Our Super Story

Who are we?

Superlife Co. is a homegrown brand that specialises in quinoa.

What is Quinoa?

Quinoa is a good carbohydrate that is high in protein and fibre yet low in sugar, making it an excellent rice replacement for sustainable weight loss and diabetic friendly diet.

What do we do?

We strongly believe that the key to a healthy life is by eating 100% natural and nutritious foods. Be it for sustainable weight loss, diabetic friendly diet, memory improvement or energy boost, we are determined to empower people to adopt healthier eating habits through our range of quinoa products.

We revolutionise and change the perception of how quinoa can be a part of your everyday diet, replacing rice and noodles. We are the first to develop these TASTY Asian flavoured quinoa that contains real ingredients, to be cooked in  three simple steps within 15 minutes.

We believe that healthy can be tasty! With the team’s dedication and commitment in research and development to provide tasty and natural high quality foods, we carefully handcraft great, delicious-tasting products using the simplest and cleanest ingredients.

We source for and sell ONLY high quality, premium grade quinoa that are certified to be free from chemical, pesticides and saponin such that you can cook our quinoa without rinsing!

Superlife Co’s Quinoa:
Natural. Organic. Non-GMO. Gluten-free. Dairy-free. Vegan.
Free from Preservatives; Chemical; Additives and Saponin.

What are our values?

We are genuine because we care

We are honest and transparent to each other and customers

We have high integrity because we keep promises and our committed to quality, consistency, trustworthiness with no compromise

We nurture each other inside out and outside in

How did we start?

We have a simple ideology in mind:

We wanted to look good and feel good sustainably through healthy and natural means. We know that diet makes up 80% of our health and we found that quinoa helped us achieve our health goals. Now, we just needed to find out how to spread the greatness of quinoa to others by making it easier, better and tastier to consume at home! 

After months of trial and error with:

Bad quality quinoa
– There is really no point in embarking on a quinoa diet if the quinoa is of bad quality. It will be high in saponin, which is the toxic that protects quinoa from pests. It is the reason why some quinoa that you buy off market shelves taste very bitter.

Lacking the knowledge of natural healthy eating + laziness
– There is a misconception that healthy eating is tasteless and quite often a hassle.

We strongly believe in the mantra, “you are what you eat.” Knowing where your food comes from and how it is processed plays a critical role in your state of wellbeing. Thus we have travelled far and wide to seek out natural foods that act as a panacea to the body’s overall condition.

At Superlife Co., we want to share the benefits of quinoa with you direct from our farmers in Peru. Our quinoa and other superfoods are grown organically with certified natural top soil that has been untouched by processing, pesticides and chemicals. We develop single serving flavoured quinoa with real ingredients so that you can have tasty food that helps you to achieve looking good and feeling good, from inside out.

To help you along, we’ve also come up with our very own blog chockfull of tips and recipes to incorporate superfoods in your diet at the click of a button.

Check it out for yourself!