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Lead your Superlife: Healthy, Happy, Confident

Mystery Taste Test: Freeze Dried Fruit Chips

Hey Superfriends,

As you know every month we put a spotlight on a product and for this month, it’s our Healthy Freeze Dried Fruit Chips!

What is Freeze Dried Fruit Chips?

Our Fruit Chips are basically your everyday local fruits like Rambutan, Mango and even Durian that goes through the process of freeze drying. The best part: no sugar, additives or any preservatives added to the fruits and it turns into a crunchy, crispy, fruity snack!

The problem with snacks readily available in the supermarkets are the fact that they are not organic, or loaded with sugar or preservatives. As you know, taking too much of these sugary snacks will only increase your diabetes, blood pressure and potentially harm your heart.

Not to mention that the snacks that your young ones are eating are giving them cavities and increasing their obesity rate.

So finally, we have a snack that is guilt-free! Especially because fruits are good for you and our Freeze Dried Fruit Chips comes directly from the fruit itself with no added nonsense.

We gathered people to do a mystery taste test with our Freeze Dried Fruit Chips, so you can see what their thoughts are!

P.S We got them to try our Durian Chips too!

What is Freeze Dried?

The common question we get is: how did we do this? The answer is simple: Freeze Drying.

Freeze drying is a process that is commonly used to make astronaut food. In layman term, freeze dried food removes ice and converts it directly to water vapour (from solid to gas). As a result, the food is able to retain the most nutrition, shape and flavor as compared to other drying methods like dehydration.

Find out what’s the difference between Freeze Dried and Dehydration here.

Why we love our Fruit Chips?

Not only is it tasty and extremely crunchy, it gives an option to those who are trying to maintain or lose weight naturally and sustainably. The common myth is to starve or deny yourself good food because you’re trying to lose weight – and that’s not what we advocate.

We believe that you can always enjoy good food, as long as it’s clean for your body!

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