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Lead your Superlife: Healthy, Happy, Confident

Why You Should Not Make Weight Loss Your New Year Resolution in 2018?

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Come on! Face it!

We know of so many people who has this new year resolution of "My new year resolution this year is to lose weight"

However, how many of you actually follow through a consistent diet plan that allows you to successfully lose weight sustainably? I know of so many of my friends who went through teatox, slimming pills, starving etc just to lose weight for events such as wedding, parties etc. Then they gain back more weight when the event is over as they feel that they deserve to eat more after the weight loss period. Are you one of them?

Let’s be realistic. There is really not much short cut in life that we can shout out about. Everything in life is a trade-off. An end goal is only achieved when it becomes sustainable eventually. In this new 2018, it is critical to set the path right to achieve them.

For people who want to lose weight, it is critical that you set up a habit when it comes to dieting and exercising.


1) Choose whole grains and complex carbohydrate like oats, quinoa and brown rice instead of white rice, white bread or noodles for at least one meal a day.

2) Eat food that curbs your craving for sweet or savory snacks such as high protein snacks that comes from natural sources

3) Drink lots of plain water and cut down on coffee/tea that has sugar and milk as well as fruit juices!


1) Start with simple exercises that you can do when you wake up such as stretching your hands, legs and neck and make it a habit to do it every day

2) Walk to nearby places instead of driving or grabbing or ubering

3) Do simple desk bound exercises at a designated time while at work – example, at 3pm daily, suck in your stoamch for 1 minute, breathe in again and repeat for 5 times. Twist and turn your back with the aid of your chair for 3 times on each side and increase as the days go by

4) For people who are more active, get into the habit of exercising (running, swimming, yoga etc) at a designated time and day(s) of the week

Remember, everything starts off as a habit. Get into the habit of eating and exercising right instead of having a vague new year resolution that is not sustainable such as "I want to lose weight" why not have a new year resolution like "I want to have a habit of eating quinoa every start of the week for lunch" (wink wink)

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