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Lead your Superlife: Healthy, Happy, Confident

5 Mistakes You Are Making in Losing Weight and How to Fix Them

5 Mistakes You Are Making in Losing Weight and How to Fix Them

Mistake #1: Eating lesser

The true key to losing and maintaining weight sustainably is by increasing your metabolism rate. By eating lesser, you are telling your metabolic cells in your body to go into hibernation mode, which will reduce their ability to metabolic food faster for you. Hence, eating lesser might lead to weight loss initially but you will quickly put on weight again

Mistake #2: Eating low calorie food

While there is nothing wrong with eating food that are low in calories, there will be an issue when you eat food that are processed. Our body is built to process food that are natural so a banana that has 120 calories will be processed faster than a bag of chips that has only 45 calories. When you body cannot recognized the processed ingredients, they will store it as fat cells and that is how you get belly fats

Mistake #3: Eating low fat food

Similar to the above, to make it low fat they will have to processed the food. Apart from that, they usually are loaded with refined sugar to improve the taste

MIstake #4: Not eating enough protein and fiber

Eating food that are naturally high in protein and fiber helps to curb appetite, makes you feel full for a longer time and improves your metabolic rate.

Try our HFFP Diet (High in Fibre, Fat and Protein) to activate your sleeping metabolic cells, reduce GI of your food and lose weight sustainably. Just imagine going back to the time when you are 16 year old with high metabolic rate. Contrary to popular believe, the more you eat, the more you lose, provided you follow a HFFP diet.

Mistake #5: Too much focus on scale weight

It is more important to focus on improving health and body shape than a narrow focus on your weight on the scale. While weight is an indication, it is vastly affected by many things such as water retention, muscle mass etc. When you start working out and you start losing fats to gain muscles, you will actually gain weight but that is a good thing. Hence, a narrow focus on weight as a number is always counter productive.


1. Eat more, Eat well

Eat regular portion of meals that are high in complex carbohydrate and protein and fibre such as quinoa bowls, rolled oats, chicken, spinach, eggs etc. This aids in increasing metabolism rate and keeps you full for a longer time, leading to weight loss

2. Eat natural, Reduce processed

Eat natural food that are not processed. While it is ok to indulge once in a while, it is important that bulk of your meal in a week should be made up of fresh and natural ingredients rather than processed food

3. Focus on doing things right, Not getting the numbers right

Focus on working out and eating well to be healthy and getting in shape rather than an endless pursuit of weight target


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