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Lead your Superlife: Healthy, Happy, Confident

6 ways to have a healthy CNY Steamboat

Hey Superfriends!

Chinese New Year is filled with feasts that are high in calorie, salt, sugar and cholesterol. However, there are ways in which you can make your reunion dinners healthier without compromising taste. Minor changes in diet can lead to big differences in health!

Here are 6 ways to make your Chinese New Year Steamboat dinner healthier:

1. Eat more Vegetables.

Prioritise eating vegetables instead of meat and rice. Not only do you get more vitamins and minerals through dark leafy greens, but they are also lower in calories! Which means that you can eat more veggies in your steamboat and feel zero guilt afterwards.

2. Replace your Rice with Quinoa.

A simple switch with major benefits, eating Quinoa during your Steamboat dinner will allow your body to detox while you feast. Afterwards, you will immediately naturally flush out the toxins and fatty foods, feeling absolutely light and bloat-free!

3. Choose lean protein over fatty ones.

Ditch the pork belly and go for white fish instead (e.g. Tilapia slices).
100g of pork belly has 518 Calories and 53g of Fat, whereas 100g of Tilapia has 98 Calories and 1.7g of Fat. What a massive difference! So save your heart and your waist line.

4. Say no to internal organs.

They may be tasty to some, but internal organs like liver and intestines are incredibly high in cholesterol. Avoid it completely if you have heart disease or are prone to high blood pressure!

4. Don’t touch the processed food.

Don’t even think about eating the cheese tofu and fish balls at the dinner table!
The large amount of preservatives and sodium in these foods make them one of the unhealthiest to eat at a steamboat.

5. Choose low sodium chicken stock.

For the soup base, instead of normal chicken stock, opt for low sodium chicken stock instead. This will keep the entire dinner low salt, making you less bloated and sickly after dinner.

6. Drink hot tea instead of the steamboat soup broth.

To go even MORE low sodium, try drinking more hot tea instead of drinking the soup at your steamboat dinner. Keeps you hydrated and feeling good!

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