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Lead your Superlife: Healthy, Happy, Confident

Burn the Bakwa: 5 Easy Ways to Effectively Detox after CNY

Burn the Bakwa: 5 Easy Ways to Effectively Detox after CNY

After feasting hard during Chinese New Year, it’s time to get your body back to 100%. The bakwa are great, but the aftermath not so much. Pineapple tarts are uh-mazing but the pounds you can put on after is unfortunately, not.

And the best (and fastest) way to do that? DETOX.

Why Detox?

In today’s age of heavily processed food, our diet is imbalanced. We eat too much nonsense and ignore the correct and right meals to fuel our body. As a result, our body lack certain nutrients that come from foods to improve our body’s ability to process toxins. Hence, the need for detox.

In simpler terms, detox means the body’s ability to get rid of waste. Food is a key component in increasing your defense against toxins in your digestive system and gut.

To guide you, we rounded up 5 EASY ways to avoid the extra unwanted pounds from CNY and you’d be surprised that it’s easier than it looks.

1. Pump up the Protein

Oh, the great power of protein! If you’ve been eating fatty food like bakwas and fried food the whole CNY week, you definitely need to pump up the protein in your body. We cannot stress the importance of protein.

Amino acids are the building blocks for proteins and it is helpful in carrying the toxins out of your body.

To be effective in detoxing, choose high-quality, organic proteins that do not have heavy metals, hormones or pesticides. And we always encourage going for natural protein than manufactured ones like protein shakes, or pills.

Natural protein comes mostly from plant-based compounds like vegetables, citrus, berries, green tea and even quinoa. However, you cannot optimize your detox on fruits and vegetable alone, which is why we are against juicing.

Juice fast that many people think is good, is truthfully not. Simply because the fruits and vegetables are stripped of its protein through the process of juicing.

2. Hydrate to Keep Off the Weight

This goes without saying, water is the answer to all your problems. Hydrate yourself so you can flush out any excess toxicity. Drink up, flush it out. Just remember that drinking a lot of water might require you to head down to the toilet a couple of times, but hey that extra walk is worth it!

3. The F Word: Fats

Ah, the F word. The problem with the word “fat” that is been labelled so negatively in people’s minds that they want to avoid it like the plague. But the truth is – NATURAL FATS (yes, there is such a thing) is useful in your detox journey.

Adding coconut oil, olive oil, avocado or even snacking on dark chocolate are incredibly healthy and nutritious for your diet and believe it or not – these goodies can help your body increase metabolism.

4. Tumeric; The Rock-Star Spice

Turmeric is a rock-star spice for a good reason. It has excellent anti-inflammatory effect, especially in the liver. The reason is because turmeric possess curcumin which has significant antioxidant abilities and nutrient support.

5. Go Nuts with Almonds

Almonds are so underrated. Just a small handful a day is packed with vitamins that can help lower levels of bad LDL cholesterol and cleanse the deposits out. Take note, we recommend choosing almonds that have already been activated / sprouted. Why? Because activated almonds remove the phytochemicals so you can fully digest and reap the most nutritional benefits.
And after following these 5 tips, get ready for a healthier, stronger and better you! To make it easier, we’ve bundled up all the essential detox ingredients in our Starter Kit that will help you in your detox journey. Trust us, your body will thank you for it and I’m sure you’ll look the best in time for Valentine’s Day!

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