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Lead your Superlife: Healthy, Happy, Confident

Lead your Superlife: Healthy, Happy, Confident

A Spoonful of Cacao is the Secret to Burning Fat, Science Says

Fat loss is difficult to achieve. Exercise alone can only go so far hence the importance of proper nutrition. One of the easiest way is to add cacao into your morning routine. Not many people are aware but raw cacao has been termed a “superfood” because of its richness in nutrients that it offers to the body. Especially for weight loss! We list down 5 reasons why adding a spoonful of cacao in your morning tea and coffee can help you shed a pound or more.

  1. Cacao speeds up your metabolism
Numerous studies like a study by Queen Margaret University have supported that raw cacao speeds up metabolism by converting fat to energy. Metabolism is important as it measures how much calories your body burns to maintain vital functions like heart rate, breathing etc. The higher your metabolism, the more you burn your calories which result to weight loss.
  1. Keeps you full longer
A person eating chocolate often feel full because cacao has properties to help curb appetite. A little science background but there are three hormones – insulin, ghrelin and leptin controls appetite. Insulin controls the transfer of sugar from the bloodstream to the cells in your body. Ghrelin is produced to increase your appetite, while leptin has the opposite effect. A study performed in the Netherlands showed that dark chocolate decreased insulin resistance and lowered the levels of ghrelin.
  1. Cacao controls blood sugar
Raw cacao is the riches food source of chromium, which is critical for balancing blood sugar levels. When we’re eating carbs, the body breaks it down into sugar. When there is an insulin spike, it tells our body that there are energy available and that it should stop burning fat and store it. Cacao helps balance our blood sugar without causing excess insulin hence a reduction in weight.
  1. Anti-inflammatory properties
Did you know that raw cacao has twenty to thirty times more antioxidants than red wine or green tea? Cacao has shown to reduce inflammation as proven by a study conducted by Louisana State University. Its anti-inflammatory properties help reduce bloating, keeping you looking lean and feeling amazing.
  1. Detox properties
Cacao is high in fiber which allows your body to remove waste and toxins. It’s important to detox your body because your body uses fat to store toxins it can’t cope with. By keeping your body clean and toxin-free, you are also losing weight.

How Can I Add Cacao Into My Daily Routine?

With the full benefits of cacao, we recommend adding 1 tablespoon of cacao into your morning coffee, tea or juice. Do this every day for 1 month to see the full effects of cacao on your body. If you’re serious about weight loss and looking to achieve it in a healthy, sustainable way, you can also opt for our HFFP bundle which includes a pack of our cacao powder. Combining it with our quinoa will speed up your weight loss journey. If you have questions, feel free to drop us a message or you can read more about HFFP here. GET YOUR CACAO POWDER

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