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Lead your Superlife: Healthy, Happy, Confident

Lead your Superlife: Healthy, Happy, Confident

Raw Cacao – Your Must Have Weight Loss Product!

Cacao is more than just chocolate and a food enhancer; it can actually play an important role in improving the quality of your life.

So the next time you get hold of a bag of cacao, you may not know it, but you’re holding a powerful superfood in your hand.

Having cacao in your diet is truly fantastic. Improving immunity, memory, mood, energy, weight management, and so much more. It may also wow you to realise that cacao contains more than 120 times the antioxidant of a banana.

Be happier

One of the healthiest food, cacao, contains several mood enhancers  like anandamide and phenethylamine. These enhancers work by triggering a pleasurable sensation in the human body. Does it ring a bell whenever you hear stories of people having chocolate when they are down or girls having their period? That is because It has been scientifically proven that cacao increases the brain levels of serotonin, a chemical that makes you feel blissful, restores the feeling of well-bring and balancing hormones.

Everyone is also happier without fatigue. Cacao has great effects in boosting your daily energy levels due to the high amounts of magnesium per serving. Just 2 table spoons of raw cacao powder contains more than 14% of your daily magnesium needs!

Be healthier

Do you know that cacao reduces the risk of heart diseases? This superfood reduces bad cholesterol. improves blood circulation, prevents hardening of the arteries, as well as preventing of blood clots by thinning the blood. A group of patients who took cacao every evening experienced a drop in blood pressure naturally as well.  It is just amazing to know that there is nothing the doctor can give you which gives you such wholesome benefits from a single source.

What about people who suffer from insulin resistance?

First let’s understand the need of this group of people. They have problems consuming carbohydrate meals as the body is unable to handle them effectively, causing glucose to be deposited mostly into the fat cells- a common situation among the obese. Insulin is a hormone that is the driving force behind the deposition of carbohydrates inside the body. The larger the number of carb grams consumed, the greater the secretion of insulin needed to handle them. Consuming cacao helps to increase the the cell’s sensitivity to transport glucose, and shuttling them to the right spots which is vital in maintaining a healthy body composition. Cacao also has the ability to improve bowel movements and has helped many with constipation issues thanks to the fiber that stimulates the digestive enzymes.

Furthermore, a good amount of sulphur in cacao has led to improved kidney functions and protection of the liver. Having insufficient healthy fats? Healthy fats found in raw cacao are similar to the monounsaturated fat found in olive oil. What more is there to not love about cacao?

Be beautiful

You don’t have to be running away from the sun too often when your body creates a better shield towards the harmful UV rays. It gets as much as 2 times harder to get a sunburn with regular consumption of raw cacao. Other skin benefits include improved oxygen saturation, hydration, and microcirculation, that results in better skin texture and radiancy.

Now, this pointer may be a shocking one. But do you know that cacao combats tooth decay, and is even more effective than fluoride in preventing cavities? Here is a solution to building a strong set of teeth by hardening teeth enamel! There is nothing better than feeling good all day. Embark on the cacao journey and feel the change in life.

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