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Lead your Superlife: Healthy, Happy, Confident

Closer to Home – Easy One Pot Mushroom Quinoa with Chicken & Carrots

Hi Superfriends!

We recently launched a new video series called Closer to Home.
This series is your ultimate source of Quinoa recipes and tips! 😉

We’re tired of listening to excuses of why people aren’t cooking and eating quinoa at home.
We often hear, “I don’t know how to cook quinoa” – “My quinoa isn’t as tasty as yours. How can I make my quinoa like yours?” – “What are some fun quinoa recipes we can easily make at home?”, amongst many other questions and queries.

In response to your concerns and curiosity about quinoa, we decided to develop this series where you can find all the answers you’ve been searching for. Hosted by Diandra, our resident Quinoa connoisseur, she will guide you and teach you all you need to know about Quinoa!

This very first episode of Closer to Home, Diandra shows you how to make a hearty, balanced and easy meal using Superlife Co.’s Mushroom Quinoa pack, a carrot and chicken fillet pieces. Watch the video below to learn how to make possibly the easiest Quinoa dish ever 🙂

Closer to Home can be found on our Facebook Page and Youtube Channel.  


Recipe: Easy One Pot Mushroom Quinoa w/ Chicken & Carrots

Servings: 2



1. Marinade the chicken fillet pieces in a bowl with 2 teaspoons of sesame oil, a pinch of salt and pepper. Give it a good mix and set aside to marinade!
2. As you wait for the chicken to marinade for a bit, peel the carrot and dice it up to little chunks.
3. Open up Superlife Co.’s Mushroom Pack, and add the contents (Quinoa, salt & dried mushrooms) into a rice cooker, along with the diced carrot, marinaded chicken fillet, 2-3 teaspoons of sesame oil and 1 1/4 cup of water. Cover the rice cooker and press cook as you normally would with rice!
4. Once the quinoa and chicken has cooked through in about 15 minutes – 20 minutes and the rice cooker is on “warm” mode, serve the dish and garnish with spring onions and herbs like fresh parsley or coriander 🙂 Enjoy while hot!

Note: If you can’t finish the food in one sitting, store it in a tupperware and place it in the fridge once it has cooled. It can last up to 2-3 days in the fridge. 

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