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Lead your Superlife: Healthy, Happy, Confident

How to cook a meal in 2 steps that helps you to lose weight?

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When it comes to losing weight, a lot of people will try out different methods, some on the more extreme side will try to starve themselves or reduce their calories intake drastically. This will only cause your weight to YO YO up and down as they are not sustainable. Additionally, by starving yourself or reducing the calories intake, you are telling your body that you don’t need to use that metabolic cells and it will go to resting mode, leading to slowing down of metabolism rate and hence fat burning capability to drop to almost zero. Eating food that are rich in nutrients, high in protein, fats and fibre (THE HFFP DIET) will increase your metabolism rate naturally.

It is important to understand that maintaining your weight after losing it is more important than an endless pursuit of calories counting for weight loss. The only way to help you to lose weight and maintain it permanantly is to increase your metabolism rate.

Ever wonder why younger people can eat a lot more and yet stay slim? The answer is because their metabolism rate is high. As such, they are able to metabolic their food faster and hence stay slim. You can increase your metabolsim rate with your diet.

In this blog, we will touch on our quinoa meal prep that can help you to increase your metabolism rate to lose weight in only 2 steps.

Quinoa increases your metabolism rate

The minerals and vitamins found in the quinoa are essential to improve your metabolic rate. For example, the iron found in quinoa helps keep your red blood cells healthy, increases enzyme activity and metabolism rate. The vitamin B2 in quinoa also helps to improve energy metabolism within brain and muscle cells leading to weight loss. Additionally, it is extremely high in complete protein and fibre. Protein burns more calories due to high thermic effect which implies that a high protein diet boosts metabolism and burns more calories than a low protein diet.

Our quinoa meal prep comes with all ingredients and all you need is to throw all the content into rice cooker, add 1.5 cups of water and press cook. Losing weight and maintaining it can be that easy and simple. You can grab yours here and try out or watch how you can cook them easily in 2 steps and with it being ready within 15 mins.



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