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Lead your Superlife: Healthy, Happy, Confident

Lead your Superlife: Healthy, Happy, Confident

Counting Calories Is Not The Key To Weight Loss, It Only Makes You Miserable

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We believed that counting calories does not work and eating nutritiously densed real food is the key. We have also written an article on this before where you can read it here

The recent article published in New York Times and republished in Business Times Singapore supported our view:

“I think one place we go wrong is telling people to figure out how many calories they eat and then telling them to cut back on 500 calories, which makes them miserable,” he said. “We really need to focus on that foundational diet, which is more vegetables, more whole foods, less added sugar and less refined grains.” – Dr. Gardner in The New York Times

Eating grains replacement like quinoa (a vegetable seed and not grain), that is high in complete protein and fibre (60% more protein and fibre than brown rice) can keep you full for a longer time and makes you satisfied since it is filling and tasty. This makes the diet sustainable unlike many other detoxing or weight loss method which might cause you to crave for more food after the detoxing period.

The bottom line is to eat well, hydrate well, sleep well and care less about counting calories.

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