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Lead your Superlife: Healthy, Happy, Confident

Lead your Superlife: Healthy, Happy, Confident

The CRAZE about Matcha Quinoa Chocolate

What makes Matcha Quinoa Chocolate so UNFORGETTABLE?

Matcha, Quinoa and Cacao are three trending superfoods loved by many!
Put these three ingredients together and you will you get a delicious, UMAMI-RICH & UNFORGETTABLE treat.

Not only does this Matcha Quinoa Chocolate taste amazing, but it also has tons of health benefits from its Superfood ingredients.

Three Benefits of Matcha:

1. High in Antioxidants –
Gives you younger looking skin and fights against cancer, amongst other diseases.

2. Keeps you Calm –
As testified by Chinese and Buddhist Monks, Matcha beneficial to induce relaxation.

3. Improves Cholesterol Levels –
People who drink Matcha regularly show low levels of bad cholesterol and high levels of good cholesterol.

Three Benefits of Quinoa:

1. Detoxifies Body & Aids with Weight Loss –
High in Fiber & Protein, Quinoa helps to clear out toxins in your body, keep you full longer and stop bloating.

2. No Energy Crashes –
Unlike rice, Quinoa does not give you food comas. Quinoa gives you tons of energy that is evenly distributed throughout the day!

3. High in Nutrients (eg. Iron, Magnesium, Potassium… You name it!) –
Great for people who wants to improve their brain and muscle development, and for those who need a more nutritious diet in general!

Three Benefits of Cacao:

1. Anti-depressant –
You’re not imagining it, Cacao (chocolate) is SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN to make you feel happier! So if you’re feeling down, eat some chocolate.

2. Prevents Cardiovascular Diseases –
Cacao has inflammatory antioxidants called flavanols that protects the heart and improves its blood circulation.

3. Shed Fat –
Cacao helps to reduce your appetite, which in turn helps you shed fat.

With all these benefits in mind, can you see why people absolutely love to sink their teeth into Matcha Quinoa Chocolate? THE ULTIMATE GUILT-FREE INDULGENCE.

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