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Lead your Superlife: Healthy, Happy, Confident

Dear Gracy: How to cook healthy in the easiest way possible

19 September 2017

Dear Gracy,

I’m a college student who wants to eat healthy, but I don’t have much time to meal prep nor do I have the kitchen space and utensils to cook a full meal in my dorm. How can I cook a wholesome, nutritious meal in the simplest, easiest way possible?



Dear Ella,

One of the simplest ways to cook a quick easy meal in your dorm is by using a rice cooker. With a rice cooker you can cook your good carbohydrate, protein and vegetables all in one pot and in less than 20minutes! 😉
A small rice cooker would suffice, and the best part is that small rice cookers won’t cost you more than $30 and won’t take up much space in your dorm.

Rice cookers are budget-friendly, space-friendly, time-friendly AND makes delicious, nutritious meals!

Try cooking one of our Asian Quinoa Packs in your rice cooker, along with 150g of your preferred protein (chicken, fish, tofu, beef, etc), 150g of your preferred vegetable (carrots, zucchinis, peas, etc) and 200ml of water – ALL IN ONE POT. This will make you approximately two servings.

Do have fun and mix and match different flavours of quinoa, proteins and vegetables! With some simple creativity, you’ll never get bored with one pot dishes 😉

Good luck!

Your Superfriend,

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