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Lead your Superlife: Healthy, Happy, Confident

Lead your Superlife: Healthy, Happy, Confident

Here’s why (and how) to detox after post-holiday binge

Are you guilty of eating too much junk over the weekend/holiday? Trust me, I can relate (#GUILTY).

So how to get rid of all the nasty in the body? DETOX.

Imagine our body is an engine. Each part has an important role to play to keep us moving. If any of the systems is compromised, the “engine” will not run and likely, to shut down. Toxins are basically, the dirt in the engine of our body which interrupts function across all body systems.

To prevent this, it is crucial to clean or detoxify our engine to ensure it is in good and smooth condition.

However, over the years, we are experiencing a high level of toxicity in our bodies based on several factors like stress from work, food intake and lack of physical activity. As a result, hormonal imbalance, obesity, lack of sleep are all manifestations of a toxic body. Without regular cleanse, Dr Sinatra, a member of the American College of Nutrition strongly believe that toxins can create health complications like fatigue, headaches, joint pains.

So how do you cleanse?

The holy trinity to detoxify your body is a clean diet, exercise and sleep.

1. Diet
Over the holidays especially, we let loose on our diet plan and sometimes it becomes too loose that we end up eating more junk that we thought.

As you already know, the trans fat present in junk food, carbonated drinks, sugar and pastries is ruining your health. While that may be the case, it is understandable that many are unwilling to give it up completely – which makes it all the more important to detox frequently.

Support a diet that is organic with greens, whole grains like lentils or quinoa and water to get your body back to 100% again. If you find it easier, you can follow our 7 Day Detox plan which you can easily prepare a meal a day for a full detox. After all, an owner would NEVER compromise on cheap fuel on a well-maintained car.

2. Exercise
Aerobic exercise is a great way to get your lungs and heart pumping again. Through perspiration, the skin and kidneys release the toxins and waste thus, allowing your body to detox. It is crucial to drink plenty of water during this time as to effectively purify your body of its waste. Besides aerobics, you can do yoga, pilates or martial arts that have aerobic components as well.

3. Sleep
This might be the easiest one to do! By simply getting a good, solid 7-8 hours of rest, it will allow your body to recuperate and regenerate itself. Plus, your liver is working extensively during the early morning hours which will be released through your bowel movement and urination. However, when you sleep through these hours, your body waste is reabsorbed by the body.

By fully committing to these three important components, your detox will be most effective. The toxins in your body are removed and you’ll feel like a brand new person (or car) again.

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