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Lead your Superlife: Healthy, Happy, Confident

Lead your Superlife: Healthy, Happy, Confident

Using Natural Diet to Detox, Increase Metabolism Rate and Stay Lean Sustainably

The aspirations and search for a healthy body is, more often than not, contradicted by our lifestyles and routines.

People today are immensely captivated by the quick fix of health complications through the means of pill and medicine consumption that are potentially disastrous in the long run.

The provision of an external source of help to the body only creates a reliance that acclimatises the body to it, causing the body to stop fighting against various viruses. This in turn leads to diseases and again consumption of medicine – a vicious cycle. Human beings are impatient creatures, creating more problems for themselves.

So then, you may ask, what exactly constitutes a healthy body? Or what are the measures that should be undertaken. The secret to a healthy body is no secret at all. You are what you eat.

Superfoods are essentially foods that are widely perceived to be nutrient powerhouses. Packing massive doses of antioxidants, healthy fats, polyphenols, vitamins and minerals, superfoods are considered to be especially beneficial for one’s health and well-being. For instance, antioxidants are thought to ward off cancer while healthy fats are thought to prevent heart diseases. Eating them may significantly diminish the prospect of chronic diseases and prolong life.

From an aesthetical point of view, daily and regular dosage of superfoods such as chia seeds is a great way to achieve glowing skin. As opposed to the increasingly popular chemical treatments for problem skin – cleansers, toners and moisturisers, the fundamental proper measure is to start from the inside. If we are not feeding our bodies with the right nutrients these problems will continue to plague us. Very briefly, vitamin C is essential for collagen and elastin production for healthy skin and wound repair. Additionally, eating superfoods such as quinoa and organic cold press extra virgin coconut oil increase the metabolism rate of an individual and hence help one to lose weight naturally.

In a nutshell, superfoods should form an integral part of our daily living and it starts by eating clean.

As the saying goes, “better late than never “.

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