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Lead your Superlife: Healthy, Happy, Confident

Easy One Pot Japanese Quinoa with Tofu and Spinach

Want to cook something easy and detoxifying at the same time?
Here’s a deliciious recipe for you!

All you need is a rice cooker and a few simple ingredients to put this meal together. This dish is great for those of you who are vegan/vegetarian and for those of you on a detox.


1 Pack of Superlife Co. Japanese Quinoa
1 pack of silken tofu
Handful of spinach (either fresh or frozen)
1 1/4 cup of water
2 tbsp Sesame Oil
Sesame Seeds
Optional: Light Soy Sauce


1. Open the Superlife Co. Japanese Quinoa Pack and take out the little packets inside.
2. Into a rice cooker, add the Quinoa and salt from the Japanese Quinoa pack, water, sesame oil, tofu and spinach. Close the lid and let it cook!
3. Once the Quinoa is done cooking, open the lid of the rice cooker and fluff up the quinoa using a spatula. Add in the seaweed from the Japanese Quinoa Pack into the Quinoa and mix well.
4. Give the dish a taste, if it requires more salt, add a tablespoon of light soy sauce and mix well again.
5. Serve the dish, top it off with sesame seeds and enjoy!

Watch How to Cook this recipe:

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