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Lead your Superlife: Healthy, Happy, Confident

What should I eat to improve my running performance?

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Having the necessary nutrients and good diet is critical to ensure that you are at your top notch condition to train as hard as you want. During training, your muscles can get damaged or put under stress. Hence, it is important to get enough:

1) good source of complete protein for cells and muscle recovery
Food to include: one asian quinoa pack (equivalent to protein from 3 eggs)

2) magnesium and copper for healthy muscle functions
Food to include: Sweet potatoes

3) phytonutrients to ward off muscle damage
Food to include: Mixed salad greens

4) omega 3 fats to balance the body’s inflammation response
Food to include: Salmon

5) selenium to protect muscles from the free-radical damage
Food to include: Chicken

6) flavonols to improve heart health and reduce inflammation
Food to include: Dark chocolate

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