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Lead your Superlife: Healthy, Happy, Confident

Lead your Superlife: Healthy, Happy, Confident

Why “Eat Well, Live Well, Love Well” Should Be Everybody’s Mantra

When I first heard the phrase “Eat Well, Live Well, Love Well”, it was said to me by my boss while we were sitting down and randomly talking about the wonders of food.

She said it spontaneously, but I resonated with those words on a deeper level which opened a different outlook of life for me.
So, I adopted those words as my mantra and why I’m convinced it should be everyone else’s too.

Eat Well:

The term “well” is broad and could be interpreted differently among other people. But to me, eating well refers to feeding my body with clean food and giving it the proper nutrients it deserves. In the past, I had no limit on my junk food intake. I would have foods like chips, fast food, bubble tea almost regularly and it showed.

I gained weight, my metabolism went down drastically, my skin was dry and my acne flared up. I could see the effects of my poor diet and it took a hit on my self-esteem. Seeing what I was doing to myself was the driving force to switch to a healthier diet, going for clean food and treating my body right.

I started with a 10 Day Quinoa Challenge – eating quinoa for lunch/dinner everyday. When I saw the changes in myself, I was hooked to feeling and looking good so I never went back. Of course, occasionally I still have my cheat days and I never restrict myself from eating french fries if I wanted to. However, now I know where to strike a balance and I ensure that my body still receives a good amount of nutrients.

And that’s the key – balance of eating well.

Live Well;

The truth is you don’t need a lot to live well – you just need a right mindset. Here is what I’ve learned:

– Focus on the present

There are days I tend to get too caught up about the future. I believe most of us can relate. The uncertainty that lies ahead affects how I feel in the present. What I’ve come to realise is that future changes and whatever plans I’ve made today will keep changing. Nothing I set for myself 5 years ago stayed completely the same today. So I use that to remind myself to be contented with where I am right now.

– Be grateful
Even for the little things. For my health. For my friends. For the gift of sight. Sometimes, these little things are taken for granted. So it’s good to reflect on what I have and be thankful for it, instead of comparing what others have.

– Be Kind
Not just with others, but especially most to myself. Sometimes, the inner thoughts are harsh and there’s a lot of self-inflicted punishment in my head. “Why didn’t you do this sooner” or “Why am I a failure” – are just some examples of how I am my worst enemy. So, I throw that evil part of myself away. Be forgiving. Be compassionate. Be understanding and most importantly, be kind.

Love Well;
And lastly, loving well.

Not just to the people around you but even to yourself. I am first to pick out my own flaws – if I have a bulgy arm or if I look fat. In the past, I used fear and punishment as a motivation:

“If you don’t run 4 times a week, you’ll be fat and ugly.” or “If you eat a slice of pizza, you should starve yourself to burn off the calories you just ate.”

This was really bad for my mental health. Stress, anxiety, even on the borderline of an eating disorder. I didn’t love myself then.

But I do now. I am learning to love my body despite the rolls, stretch marks, cellulite. It’s easy to get trapped into this “ideal” body type portrayed in the media, on my Instagram feed etc. but if you truly love yourself, you’ll accept your body for what it is. And if you don’t like what you see in the mirror, you love yourself enough to find a healthier, natural way to change.

So that’s it – Eat well, Live well and Love well. Let this be your mantra but interpret it however it fits for you.

The change you’ll see in yourself when you live by these words is truly magical. All it takes is 6 magic words to really turn your life around.

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