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Lead your Superlife: Healthy, Happy, Confident

Lead your Superlife: Healthy, Happy, Confident

Can’t seem to lose weight? We identified 8 reasons why!

Losing weight is a constant battle between laziness and motivation. But once you set your mind, it can be liberating to be healthy, young and your best self! So, why is it that I’m doing all the things right but not losing weight? We identified 8 possible reasons why.

1. You’re Not Eating Enough Protein

Oh protein, such an underrated nutrient. Many people do not realised that protein is essential in helping you lose weight. Numerous studies have supported that adding 25 – 30% of protein in your diet can boost your metabolism.


Your body digest protein slower than any other macronutrients,
making you less likely to overeat or full longer. A hot tip: Loading up on protein for breakfast or early lunch can help you crave/eat less throughout the day!

Here’s a list of amazing protein to add in breakfast:

  1. Quinoa
  2. Eggs
  3. Chicken breast
  4. Greek Yoghurt
  5. Avocado
  6. Cacao

Do you want e-recipe with this list of high protein ingredients? Drop your email at and we’ll send you our e-recipe book!

2. Bye Bye, Sugary Drinks

Roses are red, violets are blue. Sugar is sweet, and not good for you.

Sugar is a hidden killer that creeps up on you, especially in your drinks. To lose weight, you have to give up ALL carbonated drinks. This also includes your regular teh peng, milo etc.

Unfortunately, fruit juices are scary too! Not only do some stores secretly add sugar/syrup to make their fruits taste better, fruits on its own are bursting with sugar (albeit natural) but hinders your weight loss progress as it’s a significant portion of calories.

3. Not Sleeping Well

Did you know that lack of quality sleep contributes to obesity? Adequate amount of sleep (recommended 7-8 hours) will greatly impact and improve your mental & physical health.

When you’re sleeping, your body will get to recharge itself and be
prepared for 100% amazingness the following day.

4. Too Much Happy Hour

This goes without saying; alcohol is bad for you. Beer, wine and cocktails are full of empty calories. In fact, alcohol holds close to 7g of sugar for a glass. What do you think happens when you multiply this by days?

When you give up alcohol, focus on hydrating yourself! We highly recommend Healsi because of its silica properties that are well-balanced for your body.

We share more about its properties, technology and award-winning accolades about Healsi here!

5. Starving Yourself For Weight Loss

This is key mistake for most people on a weight loss journey! Most people believe that don’t eat = no calories = lose weight. But that’s wrong! The simple reason is that when you starve yourself, you’re actually lowering your metabolic rate.

And when this happens, your body auto changes into “starvation mode” which triggers it to conserve food and store it as fat.

Not only that, skipping meals increases your cravings for junk and processed food. You’ll end up into a binge mode, where you gorge down everything, straying away from your weight loss goals.

6. Lack of Physical Activity

It’s important to remember that exercise accounts for 20% of a healthy lifestyle. The other 80% belongs to proper nutrition. The key is balance so if you’re eating right but sitting at your desk the whole day, you’re likely to gain a couple regardless of your healthy habits.

This is because your body is on a constant “rest mode” and when you’re not doing much physical activity, your metabolic rate becomes at rest too.

This is super easy to implement! Just challenge yourself twice every week. Instead of taking the bus, walk. Or instead of the lift, use the stairs instead. The first indication to know that your body is in resting mode is when you find yourself going up the stairs and panting. The sign of no physical activity.

7. Stress, Stress, Stress

You’d be surprised how your mental health can affect your physical one. When you’re stress on your body, it releases steroid hormones to counter the threat. The result of this? Weight gain. Not only that, have you heard of stress eating?

Usually your body believes that you are using calories when you are stressed, hence hungry for quick bites. In actual fact, you’re not. Binge eating is simply a coping mechanism.

8. Unsustainable, Fad Diet Plans

Back to the 80/20 rule. 80% is nutrition and has a higher percentage, making it significantly important to weight loss. Some people adopt a Keto diet – high protein, high fat, low carbs to help them shed a couple of pounds.

The truth is – Keto, like many other fad diets, are not sustainable and easily gained after you’re out of it because of such extremities on the body. Hence, it’s best to follow a HFFP diet where it shares about high fat (don’t worry it’s the good kind), fiber and protein.

HFFP diet is highly encouraged because it fills you with the 3 macronutrient you need: protein, fiber and fat. In other words, you are feeding your body with the right, clean fuel to function at its best.

So, we have summed up the best tips to follow should you believe you want to start your weight loss! Over at Superlife Co., we’ve curated a list of products we believe will help you achieve younger skin and confident self so don’t forget to check it out! ✌

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