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Lead your Superlife: Healthy, Happy, Confident

Lead your Superlife: Healthy, Happy, Confident

Happy Singles’ Day!

11 November (11/11) is world’s Singles’ Day, as popularized by China’s Internet community. Recognized at other parts of the world or not, we would like to take this time to appreciate the lone rangers, the single survivors, the free wanderers. Firstly, in celebration of Singles’ Day, we at Superlife Co are offering 11% discount off all purchases from our online store. Just use <super11> before checking out! Plus, share this code with your friends for $11 store credit! Promotions.

Secondly, let’s celebrate the awesomeness of being single! Here’s a list of health benefits of being single. So for those weeping because of loneliness, chin up and celebrate single hood!

#1  You get to avoid “Relationship Pounds”

Let’s face it: almost everyone puts on weight when they are in a relationship. In an UK study, 62% gained weight they didn’t lose after committing in a serious relationship. Eating away on dates, doing everything else besides heading to the gym, and the “comfort” of having another half simply causes you to become complacent over your weight. Enjoy the fact that you can choose to eat healthy whenever you want to, have a regular healthy gym routine and keeping your figure in top shape! So you can gleam and have the right to say, “Don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?”

#2 You can flirt your way to health

Probably the most enjoyable thing about being single is you’re free to meet and talk to anyone you want, any way you want. Flirting is said to not only relieve stress, but also build up positive energy! It creates excitement that releases endorphins giving you that feel good factor that many couples no longer experience after years of dating. Sometimes being in a relationship for too long causes one to forget their sex appeal and in turn lose their self-esteem. Flirting helps to boost one’s confidence and reminds one self just how sexy you are. So enjoy your single hood and flirt your way to health!

#3 You get more sleep and less stress

With the amount of commitment a relationship requires, the constant attention, anniversaries, birthdays, and the need to change to meet someone’s else’s lifestyle is more stressful than you think. Without all these worries and anxiety, one is said to experience a better quality of life. To suit one’s sleeping habits, simple things such as sleeping cycle and room temperature can negatively affect one’s quality of sleep. So enjoy your care-free single hood life and sweet dreams!

#4 You become more independent

Being single might mean doing a lot of things on your own, but it also means you achieve a lot without depending on someone else. You not only enjoy spending time and pampering yourself without the constant need of another human being that could cause other potential problems in your old age. But being more independent and without constantly having to consider about your other half is said to give you a better shot career wise! So enjoy your single hood and unleash the Superman/woman you never knew you had in you.

#5 You have a better social life

You only have 24 hours and 7 days a week. Single hood allows you to prioritise your friends and contacts more. Giving you more time and energy to maintain relationships. Study shows that married couples very often lose their social ties and are no longer involved in communities which are a crucial part of one’s life. Enjoy your single hood and the beauty of friendship that lasts forever and comes at a lower price.

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