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Healthy Twist To Your Lucky 8 Treasures (幸运轮盘八宝盒) for Chinese New Year

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Celebrated by over 1 billion Chinese worldwide, Chinese New Year is deemed one of the most important holidays. It is part of the Chinese tradition to serve and eat sweet treats to symbolize a sweet life ahead during Chinese New Year. However, as people become more health concsious, we need to balance between health and refined sugary sweet treats that are bought and served during CNY.

Specifially, people will buy sweet treats, seeds and nuts that have auspicious meaning to put inside the 8 treasures rotating tray (幸运轮盘八宝盒) and enjoyed as part of the Chinese tradition. Why 8? It symbolises ‘huat or 发’, which means luck in Chinese. Each treat has their own auspicious meanings. We carry on this tradition with an added twist through the launch of our Organic Freeze Dried Fruit Chips as a healthier alternative to the sugar laden preserved fruits and sweets in the 8 treasure box. Our freeze dried fruit chips are made from real fruits which are handpicked by farmers and delivered direct from farm with no added sugar, preservatives, additives or flavourings.

The following, is Superlife Co’s tray of luck and togetherness of 2019: