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Lead your Superlife: Healthy, Happy, Confident

Lead your Superlife: Healthy, Happy, Confident

How to Solve Your Hair Loss Problem Naturally?

The overwhelming selection of shampoo, conditioner or hair tonic have been marketed to guarantee luxurious hair. So what’s the secret? Is it that hot selling shampoo endorsed by a celebrity with long loose curls? A one-time hair loss treatment from the salon next door?

You might be surprised that it is from the fundamentals of a healthy balanced diet that paths you to the route of true aesthetics – it is the inside out effect! This effect means that your body responses with what goes INTO your body and not on the surface, in other words, your diet. 
This clearly explains why diet is key to losing weight, and not any fancy slimming cream out there. Same goes for the hair, Ever wondered why slimming creams can never prove significant results? Just imagine one who junks all day, do you really think it will make any difference? 
You can spend lots of money on external hair products, but the truth still lies with the right mix of nutrition you need. Luxurious locks are made the consumption of sufficient nutrients such as protein, calcium and iron, but many fail to incorporate balanced meals on a daily basis. This is when changing up your staple to one that provides it all makes it all easier to meet your needs. Introducing the superfood – Quinoa.
This superfood quinoa contains approximately 15% of proteins, which is the highest among all grains in the world. it acts as a natural aid in treating and nourishing your hair follicles from within. 
Let’s talks about how quinoa can stop your hair loss problems
1. Quinoa promotes hair growth
Do you know that we shed hair at an average of 50 – 100 a day? Thus, hair loss problems become prominent when our scalp sheds more than it grows.
Eating quinoa frequently will give your system optimal nutrition that is essential for hair growth. The hydrolysed quinoa protein acts as a natural and gentle costing that protects and nourishes the hair. The hydration the quinoa improves the ability for healthy hair to grow, and strengthens the roots in preventing hair loss. 
2.  Quinoa aids split ends
Split ends are damaging to our hair, and they’ll continue to travel upwards and create more split ends in the hair unless you trim them off. A person with severe split ends is likely to face more hair loss problems. Imagine combing through the hair with split ends! The pressure on the hair roots will undoubtedly weaken the hair roots.
Regular quinoa consumption is the most natural mean of fixing hair tangles and existing split ends. The hydrolysed protein in quinoa is made such that it penetrates the hair roots to equalise porosity and enhance elasticity. Vitamin E present in quinoa can also regulate the natural oil production to help oily and dry scalp, that prevents hair tangles or breakage. 
3. Quinoa helps dandruff issues
Quinoa contains 9 essential amino acids that functions to repair, strengthen and protect the shaft of the hair. With all the vital minerals in quinoa like iron, phosphorus and calcium, it helps to keep any dandruff issues at bay. This is because it seals the moisture right through your scalp, and develops the foundation in stopping hair loss!
The benefits of quinoa extends to the regulation of our nervous system and formulation of red blood cells too, that is contributor to the growth of healthy hair, and an overall shiny look. Any vitamin and minerals deficiency will show as they are all important. Eat well and you will never regret the wonderful habit you’ve cultivated for yourself 🙂
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