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Why are insulin spikes bad?

Why do we need insulin?

When we eat, our body extracts sugar from the food breaks them down and they become carbohydrates.

It takes a long time to break down the food to carbohydrates if they are complex food (raw vegetables, sweet potato, yam, brown rice, quinoa, oats, whole wheat pasta and bread etc) but is very fast if they are refined food (e.g. potato chips, ice creams, sweets, cakes, cheese puggs and baked food etc).

Insulin is used by the body to transport the sugar from the food to places where energy is required.

Why does eating junk food make us fat?

Unused carbs will turn into sugar and be stored as fats for energy. When we eat refined or junk food, our pancreas will release insulin to deal with the food but due to the fact that very little energy is needed to digest them, the rest of the sugar are stored as fats in case you need it for energy later.

Why are insulin spikes bad?

The excess insulin that is released by the pancreas to deal with the refined food causes insulin spikes leading to an immediate high then huge drop in energy, commonly known as food coma.

If you keep having insulin spike, your heart and brain will suffer putting you on high risk to illnesses such as type 2 diabetes and stroke.