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Lead your Superlife: Healthy, Happy, Confident

Lead your Superlife: Healthy, Happy, Confident

How to keep to your weight-loss goals?

It can be difficult to follow a weight-loss journey consistently. Most of us are in the yo-yo diet phase- sticking to their diet for the first two weeks and then plateauing till we’re back to where we started. We understand, so here are 3 tips to get you to stick to it!  

1. Pen down your goals
The simple act of writing down your goals is a step most people overlook. This powerful act of penning down your goals solidifies your commitment to it. Once you have done so, cut and paste it somewhere you’re always walking by – your dresser, fridge, office cubicle. That way, you’re constantly reminded of your goals and will less likely stray away from it.  

2. Follow a meal plan
Another important tip is to create and follow a meal plan. When you are faced with deciding what to eat, it’s highly likely you’ll end up making an unhealthy one. So take a minute, plan your meals in advance based on your schedule and fill it with a healthy variety.  

3. Practice meal prep
Let’s face it – it’s easier to eat out than to prepare meals on your own. The truth is takeout food contains a laden of sneaky empty calories that often go unnoticed by consumers. Especially in Singapore, where hawker food is often our go-to meals, the hidden fats and oil that goes into our meals hinders more than helps.

To combat this, meal prep. Buy nutrient-dense ingredients that you love and find healthy recipes online for ideas. You can find ours here. Remember, the starting may be difficult but once you get a hang of it, meal prepping can be easy and fun! Oh, and did I mention how much money you save when you bring packed lunches to work? Two birds, one stone.

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