[Flash Sales!] 1KG White Quinoa & Himalayan Pink Salt Bundle

Our quinoa is top quality and rare since it is grown and harvested on the top of Andes mountain with no pollutant and irrigated with spring water.

As a result, our quinoa puffs up 3x more, making it more cost saving for each serving of quinoa.

Our quinoa is saponin-free , and it has already been pre-rinsed and washed, leaving no toxicity or bitter taste. Together with pink salt, it elevates your cooking experience.

Read why our quinoa is better than your average supermarket quinoa.

This month, we provide FREE SHIPPING AND ONE PACK OF FREE HIMALAYAN PINK SALT (100G) for every White Quinoa (1KG) which saves $8.90 and the hassle, as it’s delivered straight to your doorstep.

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