7-Day Detox Kit

It’s easy to overindulge over the long weekend, especially during the holidays. One can be tempted to eat highly processed, sugary foods, high-fat foods.

Diet and gut health is closely linked so it matters what goes into your body.

To combat the toxins from the unhealthy food, it is important to eat high-fiber and high-protein foods.

So, we bundled our latest addition – the 1 Minute Soup with Quinoa series with a cacao bar and almonds. All high power protein packs for you to improve your gut.

You’ll receive:
– 3 x 1 Min Soup with Quinoa (TomYum)
– 3 x 1 Min Soup with Quinoa (Tokyo Mushroom)
– 1 Native Dark Chocolate Bar
– 1 Activated Almonds

 $49 $67.20