Snacks For Detox

FRUITS CHIPS (25g | 110g)
Mango | Longan | Durian | Mangosteen | Rambutan | Jackfruit | Pineapple | Banana

Direct from our own farm, we handpicked and freeze dried the fruits in ISO and HAACP certified factory. This crispy and tasty healthy snack is made with 100% organic real fruit with no added sugar. It is high in fibre and nutrients which helps you to detox for weight loss as well.

Note: 110G fruit chips are in wholesale packing

Vegan and handcrafted from bean-to-chocolate in Singapore, this bar is packed with protein and fibre that helps you detox for fats loss.

With simple ingredients of only 70% cacao, 10% quinoa and 20% cane sugar, we are able to present the purest unadulterated flavours of the cacao beans.

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Quinoa Chocolate $4.90
Jackfruit (25G) $5.90
Pineapple (25G) $5.90
Banana (110G) $25.50
Pineapple (110G) $25.50
Out of Stock  Banana (25G) $5.90
Out of Stock  Longan (25G) $5.90
Out of Stock  Durian (25G) $5.90
Out of Stock  Mangosteen (20G) $5.90
Out of Stock  Mangosteen (110G) $25.50