Lose Your First Kg Box

Untitled Document Trying to fit into a dress, feel more confident or be healthier?

Lose your first kg with:

1) Scientifically Proven 7 Day Diet Plan That Works
We did intensive research empirically on the effectiveness to lose your first kg and carefully calculated the nutrients in each product inside the box. It comes minimal steps and easy to follow schedule.

2) 100% Natural & Organic
Lose weight naturally without pills and invasive methods and yet feel satisfied from the meals

3) 25% Savings
We made it brainless for you. Save some money and lose some weight! We help you get started.

What’s in the box?

✓   7-day clean eating schedule 
✓   20 servings of cacao powder
✓   3 satisfying ready to cook quinoa meals
✓   3 handmade dark chocolate with quinoa

Getting Started:

STEP 1: Set A Goal
STEP 2: Follow the plan inside the box
STEP 3: Result

Why it Works?

According to scientific research and expert nutritionist, quinoa burns fat cells and increases your metabolism rate, leading to healthy weight and fats loss 

Raw cacao is found statistically to increase lean body weight and decrease body fat leading to overall fats and weight loss

Lose your first kg healthily & naturally! Get yours now! While stock last =)

 $49 $62.6