Mosanco Tea

Mosanco Tea

More than just a daily tea, Mosanco Tea is a functional tea, made with 100% natural ingredients to help weight loss. It is designed to promote healthy carbohydrate intake after meals & desserts. 

Manufactured in Singapore, Mosanco Tea is a natural and effective way to address problems like overeating. Over caloric intake could lead to gradual weight gain and obesity. Taking 1 Tea Bag after every meal will help support metabolic balance.

Benefits of Mosanco Tea

✓ Promotes healthy blood pressure, LDL cholesterol levels, and blood sugar levels as a whole

✓ Promotes healthy weight management by minimizing weight gain

✓ Supports metabolic balance

✓ Promotes better metabolism

✓ May help to curb appetite or sweet cravings

✓ Soften bowels, improving bowel movements

Ingredients: Premium Australian Cowplant, Premium Green Tea

Instructions for Usage:

▪ Use 1 Tea Bag after every meal

▪ Infuse tea bag into 350ml of boiling water (100°C preferred)

▪ Brew for 3-5 minutes before consumption

▪ Up to 2 servings for each tea bag.

Energy: 1kcal NET WEIGHT: 30 x 2.8g

Product Of Singapore

 $ 69.90