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Superfood For Detox

Superfood For Detox

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From food essentials, to functional beverages, our products are Organic | Vegan | Gluten Free

Our quinoa is top quality and rare sincxe it is grown and harvested on the top of Andes mountain with no pollutant and irrigated with spring water. Read more about the quality and why it mattered here

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Our specially fermented Kombucha (active probiotics tea) is a tasty bubbly tea elixir that is exploding with nutrients. Unlike most fermented drinks that you might have tried before, our kombucha does not have the acidic sour taste but instead tastes refreshing and fruity.

Drinking our Tieguanyin Kombucha 2 to 3 times a week aids in your digestion and restores your health with its high level of enzymes to support digestion and good complexion. It is crafted and brewed carefully with Jade tea – Tieguanyin that was harvest in spring in the highland to give the tea a fruity taste and aroma.

Contains active probiotics | Low in calories


Calories 40 | Total Fat 0g | Sodium 12mg | Total Carbohydrates 10g | Total Sugars 10g | Protein 0g

Out of Stock  Cacao Powder (100g) $18.90
300g White Quinoa $9.9 $18.90
Kombucha (1 bottle) $8.9 $9.9
Kombucha (6 bottles) $41.4 $59.4

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