Superlife Starter Kit

Want to try all of Superlife Co. popular products?

In this Starter Kit, you will receive every flavor of our packs including our newly added series of 1 Min Soup with Quinoa, the Activated Almonds AND Himalayan Pink Salt

Why you should try out Superlife Starter Kit?

Get a taste of everything from our 1 Minute series to our Asian Quinoa Packs and see which flavours you love! This Starter Kit contains everything from meals to snacks so you’ll never have an excuse to stop eating healthy.

A Superlife Co. Starter Kit includes:
1 x Mushroom Quinoa
1 x Japanese Quinoa
1 x Spicy Curry Quinoa
1 x Thai Green Curry Quinoa
1 x 1 Min Soup with Quinoa (Tom Yum)
1 x 1 Min Soup with Quinoa (Tokyo Mushroom)
1 x 1 Min Soup with Quinoa (Spinach Tofu)
1 x Native Dark Chocolate with Quinoa
1 x Activated Almond Pack
1 x Himalayan Pink Salt

 $49.90 $87