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Lead your Superlife: Healthy, Happy, Confident

Why our Quinoa is better than your average Supermarket Quinoa!

1. Our Quinoa is not toxic for you.

Because our Quinoa is Saponin-free!

But, what is Saponin? And why is it toxic?

Saponin is a glycoside compound that forms the outer layer of quinoa seeds. Saponin protects Quinoa from being eaten by birds and insects during farming period. You reduce saponin levels in quinoa by dry polishing the seeds and washing it with water.

Generally, saponins are not toxic for you, however, when consumed excessively over a long period of time, it has the possible negative side effects of vomiting, diarrhoea, etc. Which is why, we always recommend that you eat certified Saponin-free Quinoa, like ours!

2. Our Quinoa does not require any rinsing & has no bitter taste.

In our Peruvian Factory, we dry polish and wash the quinoa for you!
A common mistake at home is that the quinoa seeds are not washed properly before cooking. This is because people generally DON’T know how to wash quinoa properly at home.

There’s a specific way of rubbing the quinoa seeds together, using not just water, but also friction to get rid of the saponin. Not many people know of the correct method of rinsing and cleaning quinoa seeds to begin with.

Unclean Quinoa full of saponin causes your quinoa to taste unbelievably bitter and unpleasant. Which is why, we made it a point to pre-wash and clean our Quinoa for you, because we want cooking quinoa to be easy for you without any rinsing required, and we want it to be tasty for you too, without any bitter taste to the quinoa.

If you’ve tried quinoa before and it tastes bad, chances are, WHOEVER COOKED IT DIDN’T WASH IT PROPERLY. So give our Quinoa a chance, as it’ll taste better than any of the bitter Quinoa you’ve had 😉

3. Our Quinoa fluffs up 3x bigger than the average.

Don’t you just hate dry, tiny, grainy specks of quinoa?
Well, fortunately, our quinoa is not like that at all!

Our quinoa is nice, soft and extremely fluffy. When you add enough water, our quinoa puffs up 3x it’s original seed size and far bigger than any other low grade quinoa you can find in the supermarket. Because of this, many say that it’s texture is similar to rice, which is why it is more palatable than the average supermarket quinoa.

4. Our Quinoa is the highest quality, premium-grade Quinoa from Peru.

The biggest reason why our Quinoa is far superior to your generic supermarket quinoa is because we source our produce from the land of Quinoa itself – PERU!

Peru has the best, most premium-grade quinoa in the world. You can see how shiny, big and beautiful the seeds are as compared to quinoa from other countries… which is why we choose to use Peruvian quinoa. We want to give you the best of the best, and this is certainly it!

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