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Lead your Superlife: Healthy, Happy, Confident

Lead your Superlife: Healthy, Happy, Confident

This Season of Giving, Give the Gift of Good Health!

This Season of Giving, Give the Gift of Good Health!

Can you hear the jingle bells ringing? That means it’s time for Christmas! And the wonderful thing about Christmas is the exchanging of presents with your loved ones!

Although this can be a hassle at times, because you want to give someone what they need and something meaningful / useful and not something that’ll never be enjoyed.

Keeping that to mind, we came up with a lovely gift set that contains a gift that everyone needs – the gift of good health.

In this limited edition Christmas set, we bundled up a series of superfoods snacks that contains a boost of nutrition! In it, you’ll receive:

  • – Matcha Green Tea Granola with Crunchy Quinoa (50g)
  • – Dark Chocolate Banana Granola with Crunchy Quinoa (50g)
  • – Activated Almonds (15g)
  • – Dark Cacao with Quinoa (15g)
  • – Organic Strawberries coated with Dark Chocolate (15g)

Unsure how each superfood can help longevity? We explain further.

1. Granola with Quinoa Series

We’re excited for this newly launched series! Overall, granola are highly known for its fibre and protein. With crunchy quinoa added, you’ll get double the nutrition as quinoa is equally high in fiber and protein as well – better than the plain quinoa available outside.

One thing to note that the granola you purchase of the shelfs are not necessarily good for you as they might contain high levels of sugar or loaded with hidden preservatives in order to enhance the taste. So, definitely be careful about the products you buy.

Choose granola that are organic and/or use dried fruits for that added natural sweetness, like our Dark Chocolate Banana flavor, which is perfect for all sweet tooth to enjoy without the guilt of eating unhealthily.

And for those who love green tea, studies have shown that matcha is linked to weight loss, prevention of heart disease and cancer. So, what you can do to include matcha into your diet is getting our Matcha Granola which is a great breakfast snack. 

2. Organic Strawberry coated with Dark Chocolate

Move over Candy Canes, we got a new treat in town!

If you’re a fan of sweets and chocolates, you might wanna slow down on those, especially milk chocolate because it probably the cause of your weight gain. Why not opt for premium organic strawberries that are coated with pure dark chocolate for that extra sweetness! Plus, dark chocolate are known for boosting one’s heart, making you feel stronger and better.

3. Dark Cacao

Just like the organic strawberries, we also included a bar of dark chocolate which you can nibble on your way to any event – work, gym, post gym. The possibilities are endless. Just snack and go, and you’ll be surprised that a small bar of cacao can contain a crazy amount of protein!

Ours is handmade and mixed with crunchy quinoa, which gives you added protein. Plus, you can snack on this delicious treat anywhere, anytime with pleasure knowing that you’re feeding your body only the good stuff!

4. Activated Almonds

Some people stay away from almonds after discovering that it is high in fat. But wait, don’t misunderstand! Almonds are indeed high in fats, primarily healthy monounsaturated fat along with omega-3 fatty acids which can help you stay full longer.

And that’s a good thing. Staying full for a longer time means you’ll crave for less food. Not only does it help you lose weight, you’ll save money too.

We also bundled them into a small pack that you can carry anywhere without worrying of eating too much portion.

All in all, we want people to know that the gift of good health goes a long way. While it may seem that it’s not important now, prevention is ALWAYS better than cure and this box is exactly the one to help you do that.

Because it is the christmas season and it’s the season of giving, we slashed away the price down from $42 to $29.90 so if you want to get the box, you can click here!

P.S We only have a limited number of set available so better get them fast before it’s all snatched up!

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