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Lead your Superlife: Healthy, Happy, Confident

Lead your Superlife: Healthy, Happy, Confident

Our Super Promise

Our Promise To You

We only create and curate premium grade health and wellness products that are 100% natural and organic. They are sourced from all over the world especially from Andes Mountain, Australia and New Zealand, focusing on convenience, quality and health benefits.

Using our core values, we simplify the process of managing healthy lifestyle through a combination of convenient packaging, modern technology and personalized service so that we can empower you to lead your version of Superlife. 

Happiness In Your Hand

Superlife Co is about super obsession in creating good products in terms of taste, quality and health benefits for all. The products we created that is first in the world include instant quinoa in soup series that cooks in a minute with NO preservatives, MSG and additives.

Bridging the gap between tasty and healthy food, Superlife Co developed a series of tasty asian flavour food that is 1.5 times higher in protein and fiber than your normal meal. Our goal is to disrupt the industry by replacing unhealthy instant meals and providing a more convenient option than healthy meal prep and food delivery services.

Our Product is:
– Natural 
– Organic 
– Premium Grade 
– Gluten-free 
– Dairy-free 
– Non-GMO 
– Whole Grain 
Our Manufacturing Process


Our quinoa comes from the top of Andes mountain where the spring water flowing from the top of the mountain irrigates the farm ensuring the best quality and taste.



Cooked at optimal 65 degree celcius with our own recipes and fresh ingredients. Water and air is then removed to make it instant without any preservatives. The food manufacturing technology is proprietary.


Just add boiling water, wait for 1 to 3 minutes and the tasty wholesome meal is ready for you!


Our Quinoa Farm

Quinoa Farm

Quinoa grows best at between 2500 and 3800 m above sea level. Quinoa is highly sought after in recent years due to its high quality proteins, high proportion of essential amino acids, Omega 3, 6, 9 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.

Quinoa contains saponins which is a coating level that protects the grain from pests. It has a bitter taste and is toxic to human bodies and hence needs to be removed before human consumption. Quinoa’s saponin level varies widely from 0.06% to 5.1%. With harvest from quinoa-friendly climate and area and proper grain enhancement technique, saponin can be reduced to the purest form that contains only 0.01% saponin (indicating that it is 99.99% pure which is the type that Superlife Co carries). The level of saponin level depends on the area that they are being grown. Quinoa that are grown in salt lake areas are high in saponin and they are hard to be removed.  In fact, it was found that the more bitter the quinoa, the more difficult it is to reduce the saponin level.

How did we remove saponin?

1. parching – heating harvested quinoa grain for 2 to 3 minutes 
2. treading – removing the pericarp from the grain 
3. winnowing – pouring the grain from a height of 50cm 
4. repeat the process of treading and winnowing 
5. washing and rubbing – removing the saponin 
6. drying

Superlife Co only carries quinoa that are at least 99.99% pure (indicating no toxic level) and hence the quinoa that you get from us requires no rinsing.