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Lead your Superlife: Healthy, Happy, Confident

Lead your Superlife: Healthy, Happy, Confident

Superlife Co. Pop Up Booth at Raffles Exchange (14-20 Dec 2017)

SURPRISE Superfriends!

We’ll be having a POP UP Booth at Raffles Exchange from the 14th of December until the 20th of December 2017.

We’ll be around from 10am until 8pm, so you’ll have plenty of time to come and visit our booth!

What will we be selling at our Raffles Exchange POP UP?

1. LIMITED EDITION Matcha Quinoa Chocolate, $12.90 per bar.

Smooth, creamy, buttery matcha premium chocolate with a nice crunch of quinoa giving extra texture to liven up this light snack. This will be the very first LAUNCH of our Matcha Quinoa Chocolate, and it is an event exclusive (we will not be selling this online!). So if you really want to give this a try, then come to our booth and get yourself one 😉

2. Christmas Value Gift Sets

We have curated 3 special Christmas Value Gift Sets for you to give to your friends and family. We believe that the best gift is the ones that will benefits others, especially their health. These gift sets will make your life easier as we’ve packed them in cute little gift packs (including a mini christmas card), and they feature the best of our Quinoa products! All you have to do is purchase them, and pass it to your loved ones.

Stocking Stuffer, $10:
– 1 Chinese Mushroom Quinoa
– 1 4pm Quinoa Cacao Bloc

Quinoa Lovin’, $20:
– 1 Chinese Mushroom Quinoa
– 1 Enoki Mushroom Quinoa
– 1 Spicy Curry Quinoa
– 1 Japanese Seaweed Quinoa

Santa’s Treat, $30:
– 1 Enoki Mushroom Quinoa
– 1 Japanese Seaweed Quinoa
– 1 Chinese Mushroom Quinoa
– 3 4pm Quinoa Cacao Blocs
– 1 Tote Bag

3. Superlife Co. Tote Bags, $5.

We have created a very special tote bag where you can put your meal prepped Quinoa lunch boxes to bring out wherever you go. With this tote bag, you will carry a daily reminder to always take charge and live better through your dietary and lifestyle choices. It’s all about motivation and empowerment!

4. Mix & Match Asian Quinoa Packs, from $49.

Everybody loves our Mix & Match Quinoa bundles. Not only do you get our Asian Quinoa Packs at 40% OFF when you purchase a bundle of 10, but you also get to try the flavours of YOUR CHOICE! It’s affordable, convenient and works according to your preferences 🙂

5. 1kg Plain White Quinoa, $29.90.

We typically do not carry our 1kg White Quinoa Packs at events, but since it is Christmas and many of you always ask about our 1kg White Quinoa, we thought that this would be the perfect time to bring this item out for SALE at our live event.

Our White Quinoa is Certified Saponin Free, with no rinsing required. Read more about why our Quinoa is BETTER than your average Supermarket Quinoa!

6. 4pm Quinoa Cacao Blocs, $4.90 per bar.

A tasty snack, perfect anytime and any day. This ready-to-eat 70% dark chocolate bar is known to curb your hunger, boost your metabolism and productivity. It wakes you up out of your afternoon brain farts and gets you happy and going again! A MUST-HAVE 😉
Read more about “What’s so good about our 4pm Quinoa Cacao Blocs?”

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