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Lead your Superlife: Healthy, Happy, Confident

Lead your Superlife: Healthy, Happy, Confident

Superlife Co’s Farm – How Do We Decide Where To Buy Our Farm?

We are dedicated to bringing superfoods of the highest quality to the consumers. To ensure that the superfoods we carry are of the highest quality, we send geologists to test the suitability of the soil before planting the crops.

Here we have the soil analysis prepared for us by the most prestigious agricultural university in the nation. It shows that the pH is slightly acidic. This favours plants such as blueberries, azaleas and rhododendrons, as well as high quality growth of the Maca root. Should we require planting other kinds of crops like Quinoa and Chia, we could simply lime the soil in those sections of the farm segregated for Quinoa and Chia growth.

soil analysis superlifeco

Soil Analysis for Superlife Co

Other factors we have to consider include the amount of Potassium in the soil which is essential for plant growth. We have a strong indication that there is a high amount of potassium remaining in the soil of the farm. A farm that has heavy crop production would deplete the amount of potassium in the soil which usually leads to artificial fertilisers (what we would like to avoid).  At the time of purchase, the farm was freshly toiled and only 1 harvest had been reaped as this was a fresh piece of land.

One of our main concerns before we purchased the farm was whether artificial pesticides and fertilisers were used. According to the soil analysis, there wasn’t any indication that any of those were used and the location itself was at such a high altitude that pests were not a problem for high crop yield.

We have the lead analysis that shows our farm contains extremely low traces of lead as there isn’t any industrial work in the area. Uncontaminated soil contains lead concentrations less than 50 ppm but soil lead levels in many urban areas exceed 200 ppm. (AAP 1993) The EPA’s standard for lead in bare soil in play areas is 400 ppm by weight and 1200 ppm for non-play areas. This regulation applies to cleanup projects using federal funds.

soil indication superlifeco

Lead Level


We looked into security of the land to not just protect our crops but also the safety of our farmers, of which there was a police station within visible distance. We needed proper irrigation, which was not a problem as a fresh stream from the mountains passed right through the land leading into the famous Lake Junin a few kilometres down.

We also provide training to the farmers on the growing and harvesting cycles to ensure that our crops are organic, natural with consistent quality and ethical farming process.

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