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Lead your Superlife: Healthy, Happy, Confident

These Thai Food Picks Are Responsible For Weight Gain – Here’s How To Swap!

Thai Food is amazingly good and addictive. I know, because I can have Tom Yum Soup pretty much any time of the day.

But did you know – Thai Food are deceptively unhealthy. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but unfortunately, it’s true.

Problem: Thai Green Curry

This dish is a go-to when it comes to Thai cuisine. Unfortunately, it is also high in calorie because of its coconut cream content. Most of the time, the kitchen uses concentrated coconut cream which does not benefit your body. It’s high in saturated fat and can definitely contribute to weight gain.

Not to mention, some canned coconut creams are also loaded with sugar and that adds up to more hidden calories that you’re ingesting in your body.

Alternative: Thai Curry Quinoa

Honestly, this is a life-saver. The improved Thai Curry Quinoa pack has the flavor and taste right, without sacrificing on my health. The ingredients are organically sourced with no preservatives or MSG. Plus, some spices in the blend can help speed up the detox effects in your body.

Problem: Tom Yum Soup

This soup is a staple, but beware – a meal of Tom Yum soup has almost 3,000 mg of sodium. According to a study conducted by Consumer Council and the Centre for Food Safety (CFS), a test done on different bowls of Tom Yum soup showed one thing in common: it exceeded the recommended daily sodium limit.

Alternative: 1 Min Tom Yum Soup with Quinoa

Here’s a better alternative in terms of taste and time. Can you believe it only takes 1 Minute to make this tom yum soup? And best of all, the ingredients are all organic, with NO sodium, preservatives or artificial coloring. And bonus: all ingredients are sourced direct from Thailand so you know that it’s authentic flavor.

This way, you can enjoy your Tom Yum soup at the comfort of your home and what’s better – it’s healthy for you.

Problem: Thai Fried Rice

On the surface, this dish is loaded with vegetables and I know, it’s super tasty! Unfortunately because it’s white rice, it can pose a risk to your health. White rice is a high-glycemic carb, which contributes to diabetes and heart disease.

Alternative: Thai Fried Quinoa

This is a simplest alternative! Simply swap white rice to quinoa. The best part is that you can prepare it the same was as you do fried rice – just that your calories, risk of diabetes and fats are lowered significantly.

Not sure how to start? You can follow our recipe here.

Sweet Thai Tea

This one is a bit hard to talk about because I am a fan of Thai Tea. Like Bubble Tea, Thai Tea is full of sugar and 1.5 cups is enough to fulfill your recommended sugar intake for the day. Shops add a combination of sweetened condensed and evaporated milk, which is too heavy for us in terms of the sugar limit.

Alternative: Water or Green Tea

As you know water triumphs everything else. Getting your daily recommended intake of water in your body, trust me it will thank you dearly. Helps in weight loss, clears your skin, keeps your body in shape. But we understand that water on its own can be bleagh, so we suggest to drink hot Green Tea.

Green Tea is high in antioxidants and can help detox your body. Keep in unsweetened of course. If you do need it to be sweeter, feel free to add 2 teaspoon of honey into the tea!

There you have it – healthier swaps to your Thai cuisine without sacrificing your health. Don’t forget to share these tips with friends and family that are huge Thai fans!

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