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Lead your Superlife: Healthy, Happy, Confident

Lead your Superlife: Healthy, Happy, Confident

Get the right Vitamins for The Easiest Way to Pretty Nails – Goodbye manicures!

Manicures aren’t always the best method to attain pretty nails.

For one, good manicures come at a certain (monetary) price, and secondly, nail polish damages nails in the long run[1]. Instead of using superficial methods to achieving drop-dead gorgeous nails, why not nurture them to health, and let them shine naturally?

Doing so is as simple as making slight alterations to your diet. Brittle nails are usually signs that your body lacks certain nutrients, such as biotin, selenium, protein, zinc, copper, iron and beta-carotene[2].

Even if your nails look fine, it does not mean that they are healthy in actuality – especially if they get chipped or split often[3].

Below is a selection of some of the most powerful foods for strengthening nails.

FISH – High in lean protein, which feeds collagen and keratin in your nails[2]

LEAFY GREENS – Contains magnesium, copper, zinc, protein, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, biotin[4]

YOGURT – High in protein, especially unsweetened Greek yogurt[5]

RAW ALMONDS – High in magnesium, zinc, protein, manganese and copper[6]

WALNUTS – Have more omega-3 than any other nut[7]

HEMP SEEDS – High in omega-3 fats, biotin, selenium, manganese and protein[2]

QUINOA – A fabulous source of nutrients for every single part of your body; specifically for nails, they are high in calcium, protein, Vitamin B and zinc[8]

When you have successfully and effectively incorporated these foods into your diet, give yourself some time for the effects to show, and we’re sure we’re all going to be exclaiming, “Nailed it!” 🙂  


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