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Lead your Superlife: Healthy, Happy, Confident

The Trick to Stop Overeating while Dining Out

The Trick to Stop Overeating while Dining Out

Are you constantly craving for more food even after eating? Came home after a heavy dinner and immediately reaching for chips or biscuits to munch on? These are just signs that you’re overeating.

People tend to eat too much because they let themselves go hungry for a long time and when it’s time to eat, they eat more than required to “cover” for missing out on an earlier meal.

Hence, that’s why dieticians and nutritionists alike condemn the act of missing out a meal. Not only will it make you gain weight faster, it will also harm your metabolism rate.

So what’s the big trick to stop overeating? The answer is simpler than you think: eat a broth-based soup.

Research has shown that when you eat a broth-based soup, you can significantly lower your overeating habits.

"The benefit of having soup at the start of your meal is that it can help fill up volume in your stomach, leaving less room for more calorie-dense food items," registered dietitian Kelly Krikhely, MS, told POPSUGAR.

Plus, she highly recommended broth-based soups because creamy soups like clam chowder or mushroom soups are filled with more calories. Additionally, broth-based soups are high in water content, hydrating and quenching your thirst at the same time.

Although be wary that the soups are not paired with rice or noodles. Soups like fish soups, fishball noodles usually come with rice / noodles and adding those refined carbs will increase your calorie intake and defeat the purpose of not over-eating.

Instead, pick a broth that is high in vegetables so that it is full of fiber and can keep you satiated longer.

Use this trick when dining outside, but also implement this at home! If you don’t know how to cook a clear broth soup, or too lazy to cook one, you can always try our Instant Quinoa Cups (Mushroom, Spinach Tofu or TomYum) flavor.

All you have do is pour hot boiling water, and let the quinoa puff in 1 minute and you’re ready to eat! The ingredients are all provided inside each cup so you never have to add your own!

Just remember that you got to be mindful of the things that you eat, even when you’re dining out.

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