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Lead your Superlife: Healthy, Happy, Confident

Lead your Superlife: Healthy, Happy, Confident

Top 5 Health Trends in 2019

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Top 5 Health Trends in 2019

1. Toned body is the new sexy

Say goodbye to skinny and heavy curvy bodies. The trend on a fit and tone body is a growing trend in 2019 and we expect more new workout that focuses on building core muscles and strength such as Yoga, HIIT, kickboxing etc.

2. "Gut’ your health

With increased awareness on gut health, people are starting to look into pre and probitotic food and drinks again

3. Eat "naturally"

With better education, people are making more informed decision about their purchases. Natural whole grain food that are high in protein and fibre are expected to dominate the market

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4. Shake up with good fat

Say goodbye to hydrogenated oil like palm oil or vegeatble oil. We expect to welcome 2019 with good oil such as extra virgin coconut oil or natural fats from food such as salmon, pork lard etc. This trend is expected to grow with Keto diet

5. "Space" out your food

Apart from spacing out your meal instead of binge eating in one meal, we expect 2019 to move towards freeze drying technique for food. This technique is the same way astronaut food is manufactured. It only removes water and oxygen to preserve the food naturally and yet almost 100% of the nutrients are preserved. Many of the healthy snacks such as freeze dried fruits are manufactured this way.

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