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Lead your Superlife: Healthy, Happy, Confident

I am travelling this September holidays, how to avoid weight gain for my family?

I am travelling this September holidays, how to avoid weight gain for my family?

With the September holidays coming up, we’re sure that many of us are using this opportunity to travel and spend time with family overseas.

For many of us who are on a health journey, it is understandable that during this time of relaxation, we might be tempted to overeat / eat unhealthily.

While it’s great to relax and unwind, it is during this time that we are happily snacking and enjoying the local cuisine and going overboard. So, we listed some tips on how to avoid gaining weight during vacation.

  • Skip the buffet

Buffets are fun and often filled with loads of food that are high in fat, sugar or oil. And as buffets are set up for people to eat to their hearts content, it doesn’t mean that you have to. Don’t force yourself to eat more. Focus on eating wisely.

If you do choose to go for the buffet, here’s what you should keep a lookout for.

  • 1. Avoid simple carbs like bread or pasta, sugared cereals.
  • 2. Grab more fruits slices
  • 3. Go for yoghurt, veggies and high protein items like eggs (poached is the healthiest)
  • 4. Avoid bacon and sausage which are generally high in fat and sodium

  • Pack healthy snacks

When you’re travelling with kids, they’ll always be craving for snacks and light food they can snack on. Instead of oily, fried items like fries or nuggets, it’s good to pack healthy snacks like nuts, or even our freeze dried fruit chips that you can carry everywhere.

Not to mention, our fruit chips do not have sugar, oil, flavorings or any preservatives which is safe for your children to enjoy.

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  • Make an activity schedule

It can be very stressful to bring kids on a vacation. Moreover, with activities planned it might be very tough on the parents. But do encourage your kids to go out and walk more. Instead of using a stroller, get the kids to walk a little.

Bring them out to a local playground or a park, so that both the kids and parents are able to exercise and be a bit active during the trip. Not to mention, meet locals and experience life in the country.

  • Find accommodations with kitchen

When you’re travelling, it’s better to find accommodations that are equipped with a kitchen. We highly encourage people to cook on some days (even when you’re on vacation). Not only will you be saving some money, you’ll be saving on calories too. As many of you know, takeout food is often brimmed with oil, sodium and trans-fat. And to be eating out for 3 times a day can contribute to some serious weight gain. Therefore, preparing your own meals can ensure you don’t come back with extra pounds.

  • Avoid fast food restaurant

Kids will definitely love to eat fast food but encourage them to eat healthier options. Use this opportunity to try local foods that are made fresh. It helps to plan out where you’d like to eat beforehand so you won’t stray away or be persuaded to eat at fast food restaurants.

So adopt these 5 tips to help you in your next vacation so that you won’t come back with extra weight. A slight reminder that our Freeze Dried Fruits are on sale till the end of August so if you’re travelling, why not bring some packs with you?

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