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Lead your Superlife: Healthy, Happy, Confident

Unconventional Ways to Surprise Mum on Mother’s Day

Remember how easy it was as a kid to come up with gift ideas for Mum on Mother’s Day? We probably all did the same thing – unleashing the ‘artist’ in us to come up with masterpieces that we knew Mum would love no matter what. Those were the days where painting, gluing and folding things were the first (and probably only) ideas we thought of when it came to surprising Mum, and our endeavours probably succeeded anyway. However, as we grow, we tend to have higher standards of ourselves when it comes to such things, and as a result it becomes increasingly difficult to surprise Mum (or so we think, for after all, Mum might still appreciate those badly-drawn cards – who knows, right?). It also doesn’t help that new media and our consumerist capitalist culture try to have us believe that flowers are the only way to go, yet these are often exorbitant in price, and several of us have ‘practical’ mothers who’d nag that will eventually die and are hence a bad investment. If you have run out of ideas, are tired of doing the predictable, or simply would like to do something more meaningful, read on to discover simple yet effective surprises that Mum would not see coming this Mother’s Day. Listen (…to the song here in my heart ♫) Well, while Beyoncé’s number of the same name is a little on the side of angst, it does speak truth – about how one of the best things you can give a loved one is to simply listen. Your Mother may have frustrations, troubles or merely wish to share her thoughts with someone, so it would mean the world to her if her child could offer her his/her listening ear. Yes, guys, this requires paying attention to her when she is talking, or even when she is ‘nagging’ at you. Not all women are articulate and direct about what they want (in fact, not all people are, period), and sometimes they behave like this simply because they do not wish to impose, so it would be lovely to just listen to what she does say. Also, Mother’s Day gift ideas don’t necessarily have to only come from your head – listen! Maybe she secretly yearns to have a few hours to herself, to have a relaxing spa, or to have a home-cooked meal that she doesn’t have to prepare. IMG_3862s

 Listen to her – it will mean the world.

Mend Bridges We don’t mean literally – but of course, if you do have a broken bridge in your backyard that needs fixing, I’m sure Mum would appreciate you getting down to doing it! What we really mean is… If you had a falling out with Mum recently, or even a long time ago, Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to mend bridges. Choosing this day to do so is meaningful because it tells Mum that she is on your mind on this day, and that is beyond touching. The celebration of Mothers on this day also reminds you that kinship is priceless – you and Mum must had been put together to be family members in this lifetime for a reason. Also, remember that Mothers never want to be at odds with their children. Let bygones be bygones and repair the relationship. As a Mother, what better surprise could there be than your child going up to you with forgiveness in his/heart and love in his/her eyes? In addition, no one knows how long Mum has left on this Earth, so mend these bridges before it’s too late. Treat Her like a Queen Mothers are used to always putting their children first. To put things in perspective, the last time Mum was treated like a queen was probably just before you came along, when Dad gave her all the attention and love that he had. When your existence was discovered, Dad had to shift gears and turn his attention to you – yes, you were the one who changed all of that! 👊 It’s high time for Mum to feel like she is top priority again. This Mother’s Day, make her day all about her. Start off by making her breakfast in bed, perhaps. Clean up the kitchen, mop the floor, do the laundry – in short, don’t let her do any housework! Ask her how she would like to spend her day, and execute it. IMG_3863

 Breakfast in bed is a lovely indulgence!

Spend Quality Time with Her There must be a reason why Mother’s Day was set on the 2nd Sunday of May. Why a fixed day, and not a fixed date? We’d like to think that this is for us to spend quality time with Mum. We all get caught up in our lives, especially when we start our careers, but we have no excuse to drop everything we’re busy with when it comes to Mother’s Day – because it’s on a Sunday. If you haven’t spent a day with Mum in a long time, make it a point to do it now. Show up at her doorstep in the morning instead of halfway through the day – this allows the two of you more time with each other, gives you more opportunities to create new memories. You don’t have to bring her to ‘cool’ places such as the Singapore Flyer or Gardens By The Bay – Mothers don’t care where they are, as long as they are with their children. Give Her the Gift of Health Health is priceless. Mum has already spent decades of her youth toiling to keep you healthy – from endless hours of work earning money to provide you with decent healthcare, to waking up in the wee hours of the night to tuck you underneath the sheets while you were running a fever. Now that you have grown, Mum’s vulnerability to ill health has probably also started to increase, and her skin has started to age. Take care of her by sending one of Super Life Co.’s bundles her way – in fact, our Superlife Co Asian Quinoa Packs is now going at 50% off, because Mothers everywhere deserve it. Thank you, Mothers!

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