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Lead your Superlife: Healthy, Happy, Confident

Lead your Superlife: Healthy, Happy, Confident

Want Glowing Skin? Focus On Your Diet First

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to spend a fortune on skin care. To get the glowing skin you adore, studies have shown that it all begins with a good foundation – no, not the makeup but your diet.  Your skin is your largest organ and it has a voice on its own! If you’ve been eating fried foods or drinking alcohol, your skin will act accordingly. Puffy eyes, dry skin, pimples are some of the common signs for your skin begging for you to change your diet.

How Do You Get Bad Skin?

There are many factors that contribute to bad skin. Genetics, environment, improper skin care routine are a few contributing factors. However, diet plays a very important role too because your skin absorbs the nutrients that you eat. If your diet is full of the processed, artificial foods, the toxins will accumulate. Bad diet = more toxins. The toxins then try to escape from your body. It does so in many ways – urine, perspiration and through your pores. For the toxins to be excreted from your body, you would need to drink water or exercise. If you don’t, the last resort is through your pores, which will lead to clogging and excess oil. This of course, results to acne.

So, how do I get good skin?

To put it simply, eat foods that are unprocessed, low in GI and anti-inflammatory. That way, you are limiting the amount of toxins buildup in your body + the nutrients from clean food will nourish your skin, keeping it fresh and hydrated always. There are many foods out there that can help you achieve great skin. We would love to, but can’t possibly list them all. What we can do however is to help you narrow down the best out of the food groups so you can always have a mixture of foods to include in your diet.

5 Foods You Should Include In Your Diet

Best Grains / Base: Quinoa Wholegrains, particularly quinoa, are great complex carbs that are high in dietary fiber and protein. Among the rest like brown rice and couscous, we identified quinoa to be the best because it is a rare, vegetarian complete protein which your cells need in order to repair itself. Moreover, it is high in amino acids, Vitamin E and Lysine. All of these make natural collagen and elastin that helps to diminish fine lines, brighten the skin and heal scars. Best Meat: Salmon Fishes are your friends, especially salmon. Salmon is extremely high in omega 3 fatty acids which keeps your skin looking plump and moisturized. Salmon also contain selenium, which is a mineral that protects your skin from sun exposure. Try our Japanese Salmon Quinoa Recipe for the ultimate boost for your skin! Best Snack: Dark Chocolate Dark Chocolates that are high in cacao content is the best for your skin. Not only is it the healthiest chocolate (it possess low sugar and no dairy), it is also rich in anti-oxidants with weight loss properties. Bonus point! You can have it as your go-to snack while running errands, simultaneously giving your skin the glow! Best Vegetable: Mushrooms We highly encourage you to add mushrooms on top of your quinoa base for the double boost for your skin. Why? When your skin is exposed to irritants like UV exposure, allergens or chemicals, your skin starts to react and break out. When that happens, it’s good to put some mushrooms in your diet because it possesses anti-inflammatory properties, keeping your skin from reacting. Best Drink: Water This is no brainer. Your classic H2O is the BEST drink to hydrate your skin and keep it feeling refreshed. Your body consist largely of water and your organs and tissues heavily depends on water to function. Plus, you are constantly losing water through perspiration or urination which is why you need to top-up every once in a while! Remember aim for 8 glasses everyday to keep your skin hydrated and refreshed. Best Fruit: Blueberries Besides antioxidants, Blueberries are packed with Vitamin C which protects your skin from UV damage. While we love the sun, the rays are damaging and causes cellular damage to the skin. To avoid it from happening, we strongly suggest to slap on some sunscreen while snacking on blueberries for the extra umph to your skin. Keep in mind that your skin takes 28 days to recycle itself, so it’s important to follow it consistently for a month to really see the transformation. Don’t be disheartened if the results are not immediate. Sometimes your body needs to purge out all the toxins before it can self-heal through good diet! P.S We bundled up some foods from this list so you can achieve the best, possible self. If you’re interested to start investing in a proper diet, you can head here to shop for our HFFP bundle. SHOP FOR OUR HFFP BUNDLE

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