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Lead your Superlife: Healthy, Happy, Confident

Lead your Superlife: Healthy, Happy, Confident

What’s so good about our 4pm Quinoa Cacao Blocs?

Let us tell you…

1. It has a UNIQUE texture & PURE cacao taste!

Unlike your commercial chocolate off the shelves, our 4pm Quinoa Cacao Bloc is made with love by ONE skilled Singaporean chocolate maker. The entire chocolate making process is done by him, from ordering the best quality cacao beans from Tanzania to his rare process of stone grinding the beans by hand. He crushes each bean by hand, leaving a slightly rough texture behind, which is why when you eat our Quinoa Cacao Blocs, it doesn’t melt in your mouth, instead it crumbles. Along with the addition of popped quinoa, this gives the 4pm Quinoa Cacao Blocs an extremely unique texture!

In terms of taste, our 4pm Quinoa Cacao Blocs gives your one of the purest tastes of cacao you can find in the market. We do not mask the taste with tons of sugar and dairy, unlike many other commercial chocolate. We wanted to keep the taste pure and simple, which is why we opted to make our chocolate using only 3 simple ingredients… Cacao, Popped Quinoa and a pinch of sugar. **(Yes, this chocolate is vegan). 

2. It makes you feel happy!

Cacao is known to be a superfood to improve your mood, as it contains a “bliss molecule” called anandamide. It simply makes you happy when you eat it, giving you a sense of euphoria! Since our cacao is much more pure than your regular chocolate bar, you can definitely sense the “mood-improver” aspect more as well when you eat our 4pm Quinoa Cacao Bloc. 

So if you’re having a bad day, eat our 4pm Quinoa Cacao Bloc to help turn that frown upside down 😉

3. It is actually good for you! 

Cacao is a superfood that has a list of health benefits, including:

– Boosting your metabolism
– Preventing premature aging
– Preventing cardiovascular diseases
– Cutting your hunger
– Making you more productive and alert (keeps you awake)
– Balancing your hormonal mood swings

Since our 4pm Quinoa Cacao Blocs are nicely pure and high quality (far better than your typical grocery store chocolate bar), you will be able to benefit from the many health benefits of the superfood. 

What’s even better is that our 4pm Quinoa Cacao Blocs contain absolutely No Preservatives! Cause who wants all that chemically gunk in our food and bodies anyways?


Have you heard? 
We’re doing a 1-for-1 promotion for our 4pm Quinoa Cacao Blocs all weekend long! 🙂

We know how much you guys love our dark cacao blocs, we simply can’t have this sale going for only 24 hours. HOWEVER, stocks ARE limited. So get your hands on our 4pm Quinoa Cacao Blocs NOW, while stocks last 😉

TWO 4pm Quinoa Cacao Blocs for ONLY $4.90.
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