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Lead your Superlife: Healthy, Happy, Confident

Lead your Superlife: Healthy, Happy, Confident

Why are Superfoods Here to Stay?

It is undeniable in this day and age, people are getting more cautious and conscious about what goes into their bodies. You see news articles, advertisements, etc every now and then about food defects from fast food chains, illnesses or deaths to certain raw and mishandled comfort food. Just by quoting a few, people’s worries are not unfounded. It is each’s responsibility to choose what goes into their stomachs. Contrary to popular beliefs that only elder folks who experience deterioration to their once-strong and able bodies will turn to healthier alternatives or watch their diets. It is in fact not surprising to see teenagers like me shunning from the unhealthy fast food, of course except for the occasional indulgences. Cheat days aside, I notice teenagers no longer feast on the fried chickens and burgers on a daily basis. Of course, you may feel that I am exaggerating. It indeed may not be for obvious health reasons, I admit most are for vanity reasons to attain their dream hour glass body shape or guys who eat clean to aid their gym efforts for those desired six packs. “Fitspo” has become a more commonly known term for people who work out and eat healthy for their dream bodies. At the end of the day, be it for physical attributes, avoiding lethargy or unwanted calories, maybe even due to medical conditions and the list can go on. It never hurt to start the healthy diet from young. Why wait till you’re older when you can start now. Superfoods are not quick solutions to the excess baggage around the tummy nor are they something to be taken once or twice and expect to see results over night. Well, it does help in many areas pertaining to weight, skin, tiredness, health, eventually the main focus is on the proven nutritional benefits they can provide to a person. It may be foreign to starters. Many do not know how to start and chose to give up then after. I am still learning along the way, googling recipes or incorporating elements of what I see from restaurants into my daily meals. As Long as you have a little bit of passion for cooking or even if you don’t, I am sure every individual loves delicious yet healthy food. It should be a pretty simple task and allow me to share my humble discoveries with you. Here are some simple steps to incorporate these seemingly small steps, but will go a long way, that you can include on a daily basis:

1. Good for your eyes – Cooking soup with Goji berries 
2. Good for anti aging – Adding chia seeds to your drinks/desserts/yoghurts
3. Good for weight loss – Replace Quinoa as your go-to-carbohydrate
4. Goof for energy – Always add some Cacao/Maca/Acai powder into your drinks as well!
5. Good for weight loss – Replace regular cooking oil with Superfoods
Stay fit and healthy people!   Article is contributed by one of our clients, Celine Go. 

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