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Lead your Superlife: Healthy, Happy, Confident

Lead your Superlife: Healthy, Happy, Confident

Why Your Body Needs A Detox, Especially After The Weekends

Have you heard the phrase “Your body is a temple.

And that’s the truth. You live in your body every day of your life so how you treat it is important.

According to Sibylle Kranz, a registered dietician and nutrition expert at the University of Virginia, “weekend dietary intake is very different from weekday. On weekend days, we seem to have more of what we call celebration food. It’s birthday parties, families getting together and having big meals.”

It’s common for people to think that weekends are a time to get loose and relax, and that’s why they would prefer to choose unhealthy options, especially eating out. What they don’t realise is these weekend slides are harming the body, more than you think. One major reason is because hawker / restaurant food are full of hidden calories with ingredients that are not the best quality.

Hence, the importance of detox.

With two (sometimes three if you count Fridays) worth of bad food in your body, the toxins build up which eventually spirals into negative health problems like heart disease, digestive issues. Dr. Hyman, author of “Eat Fat, Get Thin” explains that toxic chemicals—from food, air, even the environment—are absorbed by the body every day. And he recommends that flushing it out of the body will help reboot the detoxing system.

So how do you do it?

Dr Hyman says that it doesn’t involve an all-liquid diet or skipping meals. In fact, it’s the direct opposite.The answer: eating right.
Eliminate sugar, processed food and basically anything with preservatives. Instead, go crazy on real, whole foods.

Get high-quality protein, fats and fiber.

These are the type of foods that will help boost up your metabolism while at the same time, allowing your body to rejuvenate. All that hype with juice fast? Nope.

Juicing doesn’t help because when you juice a fruit, you remove the fiber and nutrients and therefore, digesting empty calories. Not to mention that juices from the store are loaded with hidden sugars and that could reverse the effects of a good detox.

So, start the week right with a good balanced diet. If you’re guilty of binging this past weekend, then do your body a favour by treating it right. Go slow, just switch out and replace with a healthier option and see how your body reacts to the goodness that you’re feeding it.

What better way to start than today! If you’re unsure where to start, you can always go for our Quinoa starter kit which is essentially a great beginner’s guide to helping you eat healthy, wholesome meals, with our quinoa and snack packs.

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